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    Juliana I got you with music. And I will be logged in to our AC account per Britt’s post.

     Brittany Cotton

    Here is the login for our Spotify account.

    Email: [email protected]

    Password: Mr^aE3h

    Please use this for the weekend but log out when we complete.

     Jeff Miller

    Let’s put the Spotify List on our group text and Juliana will you pick a couple of people to back you up on music? This way you are covered if you are on break or you need to be working with the Links.

     Juliana Sih

    For the music, has someone downloaded all the songs and put it into a Spotify list? I don’t have access to weekend 12 songs, who can provide that for me?

    I will need support with links and songs since often they overlap. Who can support me when they overlap?


    Hey Team – want to bring a few items to our shared space prior to going into a morning of wellbeing tomorrow. Please add anything urgent you have ASAP!

    1. Participant and Leader Links. Juliana is owning. Please let us know what you need.

    2. Breaks / Wellbeing. Because Friday and Saturday are half days, and because on Saturday we also have a 75 minute break built in between our program and graduation dinner, the invitation is that we all be super at cause for our own wellbeing and communicate / take a break *when* needed and IN PARTNERSHIP with team. Please be clear – we are a stand that you get your needs met and that you create your wellbeing fully as the leaders we all are! On Sunday we will take 1 hr breaks as usual. Who will own Wellbeing overall and Sunday breaks?

    3. Music (Juliana owning, with LKT). Juliana what do you see is needed?

    4. Breakthroughs. Reminder for everyone to get on the Accountabilities doc under Graduation tab where Nichole created a space for those of us with participants to enter in the breakthroughs our peeps have had, and ground taken, and accomplishments, that you will NOT be saying in your own acknowledgment for KZ and Britt to refer to in their individual acknowledgements to the peeps. Please do by EOD tomorrow.

    5. Virtual Huddle. We meet tomorrow at 12:15pm on our leader line, as usual. Please show up CPR and ready to create this magical module!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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