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    Thanks, LKT! I have a million scarves and plenty of candles. So don’t worry about those things. Just focus on the things that are meaningful to you. Thank you!

    T, you rock! Thanks for ordering one for us.


    I have been watching this thread and I’m so sorry for my silence!

    I have been super active in my own spirituality practice since July of 2019, which is when my body started going WTF in response to a massive drop in its production of prolactin – the hormone primarily in charge of lactation. I’ll spare you the details but prolactin is in relationship with dopamine, oxytocin, estrogen, and so it’s allllllll a big ecosystem that has an impact on a woman’s immune system which as you might predict, impacts EVERYTHING. So what that meant for me is I started a new relationship with my body and its role and purpose. I took on some new morning and evening rituals and by this past fall I started really looking at my body as the home that not only created and birthed and nourished two humans (I’m really really proud of this in case it’s not already very clear =) but that did so with increasing amounts of consciousness as I grew in this work. Fast forward to today and I relate to my body as as home to my soul – my spirit – my essence – my Self that is limitless and eternal.

    Soooooo what is needed for the display at this point? I can bring my goddess artwork, which for me is spiritual and captures the motherhood phases I’ve gone through. I can also bring some colored scarves, candles, oracle cards, and my essence artwork. Any of this that you think is NOT needed, Nichole? I intend to be very minimal with my packing this module (no dead bodies in my suitcase this time, Jeff 😉

     Tiffany Turner

    Guys, I am so sorry. I totally fudged and didn’t set a reminder to pick up the Quran from my mom on Sunday, and I won’t be able to pick it up in time for this weekend.

    I just ordered a Quran on Amazon and it should arrive to Brittany’s apartment tomorrow!

     Charlie Horn


    thanks for leading this and being a stand for the time to set up. I am hoping to have Monday morning off and I want to go surfing so I can bring in what I have the day before. What I have is a picture of two plumeria flowers I got in Maui. I went on a solo trip right after I Became single. That time was such a spiritual experience for me and the picture meant for me how Julie and I were together. Two little flowers only able to be next to each other touching but not able to embrace. I also have a Mayan mask from the Yucatán. And A book.


    I think the only voice we haven’t heard on this thread is… LKT? Where you at, mama?

    Can I get a head count of everyone who is enrolled in arriving Monday morning in time to unload cars first and be parked and ready for huddle by 7:00 a.m.?

     Brittany Cotton


    So excited to see what we create together!

    As T as a Koran to bring, what you can count on my to bring are: different statues of my spirit animals, books, candles (fake- the hotel won’t allow us to light real candles), I have table throws and scarves from India for the table, buddhas.

    Nichole as owner will you please also reach out to Kerry and make sure she is involved!



    Thanks for sharing, Mike. The spirituality display is taking place on Monday. So we’ll be sitting at 8:00.

     Aarti Mallya

    For me spirituality and religion have not been a strong part of my life. My parents were not religious and I think gave me the option to be religious whatever that meant and go to church. But don’t remember talking much at all if really anything about church and God. I know when I was young I went to recreational thing though some church with a friend for a little that happened on the week day. I don’t remember ever going to church on Sunday when I was young. I have gone to midnight mass a handful of times with my brother and friends as well as a number of Sundays. I would I’ve been to church about 30 times in my life give or take.

    I know now my mom looks at church as a cult and a scam where just brain washing you and trying to take your mom. As well as personal growth, network marketing, any educational seminars on real estates and other investing, and really most things. It is pretty sad. My dad started going to church for a little, was really liking it, and was finding peace. Then my mom got into his head with all the negative thoughts and her stuff. My dad then stopped going.

    For myself I would say I don’t belief in God and that there’s so many different religions. I belief in the universe. I belief in a high power and spirituality. To me for the name God I just don’t see how we know the name is God and that someone didn’t just make that up. That is why I subscribe with the universe cause it is universal. For all the different religions, that just doesn’t make sense to me. To me it just comes down to or maybe up to in this case one overall higher power. It doesn’t matter your region, color, or anything else for why we are all here and all the things that conspire. I see the world as we are here to life life and prosper together. To enjoy, connection, contribute, lean, and evolve together.

    That’s all I got for now as I’m starting to over think here. I am open to any thoughts, questions, and further discussion on this.

    Nichole I am open to coming early to ensure set up. But I belief we will be good meeting at our normal 7 cause Saturday we don’t sit till 9 and open doors at 10. So we do have extra time for first day set up.

     Juliana Sih

    As of right now I am bringing a cross (size of a book), Jesus candles and some crystals.

     Tiffany Turner


    Guys, I got the baller gold Quran! WAHOO! It’s a historic heirloom so please be advised that I’m likely to be a crazy person about the handling of it.

    I will be bringing flowers/plants, pictures of me and Jack, a bag of coffee (I don’t know if I’ve shared this yet – one of my practices has been sitting in my favorite room of the house, and dreaming of my future while I sip my morning coffee. It’s very meditative and absolutely delicious). I’ll also bring silk wraps from my trip to India!

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