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    I love that you brought this, T! I made some comment about support coaches to Jocelyn the other day and she asked what a support coach was. I said, “I think the support coaches are supposed to support the program coaches.” Clearly I had my own definition made up as well, and I was holding my own definition as not working but never brought it up. <— Probably because I wasn’t sure if I was even right/wrong about that and never asked. Thanks for continuing to model putting in what you see.

    I almost volunteered for support coach in the beginning (when I found out it was a thing), as a breakthrough in being of service. That’s what I see and would love to feel from Charlie and Mike. I think we do sometimes and we don’t sometimes. And the latter times are in between modules. During module, totally reliable to be support. In between… Hey where’d ya go!?

    Some of what I see is because I also see it for myself. Such as speaking up more on reg. I also see offering to take notes during calls, being the one to track forum posts and make sure everyone is contributing and that conversations are complete, etc. There’s a lot that could support team being and production. I’d love more of that! ?

     Jeff Miller

    T, thanks for the call forth. And I totally own that at times my ownership has not been present around team being. Not my commitment and not what I am playing for. I think a big part of this was the “In & Out” conversation I was having from a separate and alone place. I will be brining my voice and partnership a lot more to this conversation and others.

    My breakthrough around owning team being is to be with emotions and how others show up. I have it that this is heart based leaderships. I am super quick to get things done or to be the “tough love/reflection guy.” And I don’t need a whole lot of extra training here. I notice that this was my experience with my kids early on. I was like why don’t these little guys know I am on a schedule or why can’t they just get dressed. I couldn’t be with inefficiency or how they were showing up. Pretty crazy since they were all under 4 at the time. So my breakthrough is definitely to be with everything and to empower people everywhere. And I get to practice this with all of you amazing folks. Again thanks for the reflections and partnership.

     Tiffany Turner

    LKT pinged me privately to share that her experience of prefaces like “darling” and “lovely” can create a power play, and I can so see that, and it’s not my intention, so I’m taking those prefaces off the table! Thanks for telling me, Laura!

    Jeff, sorry for my late night, phone post that wasn’t very clear! What I’m pointing to is that you own Team Being, and at times I feel that others are more reliable to bring conversations about Team Being than you are. I have it that you committed to owning Team Being, because there’s a breakthrough for you there, and so I’m requesting that you bring your leadership and rigor to the Team Being conversation, so as to generate the breakthrough you want for yourself.

    Also, what is that breakthrough?

    Charlie, thanks for sharing how this landed for you. I know that you are creating a lot of shifts in your life, and I’d love for you to bring those to forum, from leader. Not long, hard to understand posts, but simple, clean reflections of the wins that you’re creating in your life (I have it this would support your leadership!). My request is also that you put those on forum, not the GroupMe thread.

    I’m really glad to be in this conversation! I would have never guessed that you relate to support coaches as doing less than PCs! This is great!

    I notice that Charlie and Mike don’t often volunteer to own pieces of production, and my experience has been that your lives are too chaotic, unpredictable, and run from SM for you to “take on one more thing.” From that place, it occurs that the Program Coaches support the Support Coaches a lot, and that’s a bit backwards to me, which is why I’m bringing this convo!

    Charlie, I want to be super clear that I love you, and I’m enrolled in who you are in this world, as a father, and as a lover of humans. What I’m not enrolled in, is how your commitment to AC is currently going (Mike, same for you). I occurs that team spends a lot of time supporting the two of you being on this team, and that has a direct cost to Producing the Program, and the rest of the team generating their breakthroughs, and that doesn’t work for me. We’re halfway through the year, and it’s time for something to shift. So that brings me to the same question: What is it going to take? And by when?


    Charlie all I would add for you specifically is to bring the intention and pro activity to the production of our program that you’ve been bringing to your life.

    Share your experience of creating your life and experiencing it with a new degree of be with. Consider how that may support Team being and production and ask we need to feel truly supported, take on or enroll us in your owning a project that creates the win-win-win like your PD men’s group does. Be visible. In reading your response to T and Jeff it occurs like the fear that we might ask you to Do more has you Be less on team. Will you consider how you see Being support also supports you and thus your What For? Excited to talk 1-1.

     Charlie Horn

    T, Jeff. Thanks for airing it out what role you see for support coach.

    it’s interesting isn’t it. This whole thing around not being qualified as a program coach and being qualified as a support coach, And how that came to be. It makes sense that from not being And doing what it takes to qualify as a program coach there would also be something lacking inherently moving forward. Or some playing catch up to do. If I was a demand for more of myself than I would have just gotten hired again. Super easy right. Just do it right. Well there is a gradient that has me on my own personal journey here. A balanced one. 

    And, from over here there are big gains being made and maybe I’m not sharing enough or what I do share doesn’t land as such.

    My experience T of this post is a little unexpected.  I’m actually holding my life as not on fire and for a while now. Things have never been better and how I am being in my life is light years beyond how I have been even just a year ago. I have been up against some big scary stuff that I just handled it with ease. Well maybe not in the moment, but really quickly compared to even a few months ago.

    What do you all see? Am I showing up a certain way that makes it seem as though things aren’t working or is it that I have created some expectations or prior experiences that has everyone not seeing my growth? Or is it that you all have experienced such massive gains in comparison that I don’t realize that my interpretation of my big gains looks like a small gain from your lens?

    I have actually made it up in my mind that support coach is less responsibility and less expectation for  production than program coach. It’s so weird and automatic to do that. But it makes sense. There were some interpretations on my part about what was and wasn’t allowed or expected. AND I have been happy to sit in my comfort zone of not qualifying for program coach therefore not being expected to take on more.

    one thing I have been working on over here is do less to have more. It’s an interesting rhythm to generating this essence. It can’t be taught it has to be learned. Or. You can’t teach a man anything you can only influence him to figure it out for himself.

    T and Jeff and anyone else.  Will you reach out to me and have a one on one conversation with me to get clear on what is going on over here and what you see for me as support coach. I am willing to take it all in and I’m also willing to participate more. What more can I bring? I’m holding more time and more space for our team than ever before. And it’s a process that I am working with. 

    what do you all need from me? Is it support or to see that my life IS working? Or both? Will you be specific in service of modeling new behavior that I may not yet be aware of and or practiced at.

    Where is the instruction manual,  by the way 🙂

    Will that be next year? Maybe I will have to stick around for that?!?!

     Jeff Miller

    Hey T,

    Thanks for putting in what you see. I actually don’t understand though? Could you explain what you mean about “bringing more rigor around this?”

     Tiffany Turner

    As owner of team being**

     Tiffany Turner

    darling Jeff, was owner of team being, would you bring more rigor around this?
    I don’t mind beating you to the punch, but it also seems like an opportunity for your leadership. Will you be MVP of team being?

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for bringing this T.

    For me the Support Coach role is a about volunteering and wanting accountabilities and who wants to support the team. Someone like Annie from SD monthly comes to my mind.. My experience most of the time of Mike is that he is too busy or in overwhelm. Not sure there is a desire to be the MVP of team support. And my experience of Charlie usually is that he is stuck in his own stuff but says he wants to be the MVP of support but isn’t reliable.

    And I have it that this is also on the whole team as well. We actually have accepted Charlie and Mike mostly operating in their SM. We haven’t actually been a demand for them to show up complete, empowered and coming from their Essence. It lands like tolerating and lower expectations. Support Coaches are not Junior Coaches. They are actually a huge part of the team and I for one have let the team down by settling for SM Mike and Charlie to show up. I see so much for the both of you to really get what you came here for and much much more. What does that look like for both of you? What does the rest of the team see?

     Tiffany Turner

    I wanted to bring a conversation to team about the role of support coaches.

    For me, this is the first time I’m playing on a team with support coaches, and I notice I’ve held expectations of the role, that are totally made up in my head, and I suspect others have done the same.

    So let’s talk about it!

    I’m holding it that the role of a support coach is:

    • To support the production of our program
      • That means at module, in the room, outside the room, and between modules
    • To declare and fulfill on their breakthroughs
    • To support their team members in their breakthroughs
    • To consistently give to, and produce, the team Being (as opposed to detracting from)

    My assertion is that these things can easily be related to as Big and Scary, and I actually hold it that these are all built through small, consistent commitments and actions.

    Charlie & Mike – I feel uneasy saying this! I’ve been so craving more of you both. More volunteering, more support of others, more completeness in your days, more leadership of your life, and at times I feel like I’m up against a wall, unsure who to be, that would Cause your Voice, Support, and Leadership.

    At present, my experience is that the team does a lot to support the two of you being here, and it’s the opposite of how I hold the role of support coaches to be.

    So my request of team is to share how you hold the role of support coaches, let’s please get aligned as a team on this.

    To Mike and Charlie, my question is, what’s it going to take? I’m not enrolled in you being here just to spin your wheels at managing a life that’s on fire.

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