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     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Nichole!

    And I stepped over some training for our team on this. What I meant to put in is that when a participant is unpaid the coaches of the participants that are unpaid and the leaders of the program will be on an email stating who is unpaid and how much they owe. It is the coach’s responsibility to respond to the email and make a declaration of when they see the participant will be paid, what is actually so, and keeping everyone in the loop as to how it goes with updates. Additionally, all of us who have participants should be getting ahead of all payment breakdowns, which includes knowing their payment plant, how they are paying for the program and their plan moving forward. Thanks for the extra training Brittany, and team please let me know if any of this isn’t clear. Thanks also for your patience with typos and me going back in.


    I know that Ryan and Lesa will both be paid by the end of the week.  Ryan got a new bank account so he’s doing some money shuffle and Lesa was waiting to get paid.  I’m sure they will talk to their coaches about it but just thought I would put that in since I already know.

     Jeff Miller

    Apologies for the typo. Jonathon will be paid by November 20th not October.

    Also, I forgot to add for decelerations and what is so with the participants I mentioned? Can Don’s, Ryan M’s, Lesa and Brittany’s coaches please bring their voices to this thread?

     Jeff Miller

    Hey everyone!

    I would love to empower this thread to be where we can discuss how we are being as a team. We can get up under each other and really feel supported.

    I am not sure if everyone knows this, but we currently have 5 participants that are not paid (Jonathan, Don, Ryan M., Lesa and Brittany). Who is the team being about this? For myself, I was fully owning Jonathon for a day or two and then got resigned to his declaration. So much so that I haven’t communicated that with the team. Currently Jonathon is declared to be paid up by October 20th. If some of these people are your participants, what are you creating with them to have it go differently? How can we get ahead of this going forward? Please let us know if anyone needs support with this. I see a huge breakthrough for myself and team in complete ownership. This is from beginning through the end. Usually I stop paying attention towards the end or when I think that it is handled. Definitely not my commitment and what I working towards. IF you see me doing things, please call me out.

    What does everyone else see?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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