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     Charlie Horn

    Thanks for being flexible everyone. I see it that the food we decide on is not as important as the time we spend together. With that being said I am happy to order sushi for all that want to get in on that action and I can fire up the grill and BBQ anything you all want. I see it as a both and and not an either or. My vision is that we can place an order and have it delivered around 5 or so. And the potluck thing is a both and as well.
    I prefer not to take on cooking everything for everyone and that was my motivation for ordering food. I also am happy to fire up the kitchen and bbq and we can all chip in on cooking and preparing food. What else y’all? Who will declare a dish or something to grill of sushi is not the thing?

     Juliana Sih

    Charlie! Will you update us on what’s happening with the gathering? Let us know what you need.

     Brittany Cotton


    I too was imagining more BBQ style and pot lock, rather than sushi. But also I can jive with whatever we decide 🙂


     Sabrina Pratt


    I am going to be taking the train down so as to arrive on time for FUN!!! 🙂 My train gets in at 1pm- which long term committed friend is down to pick me up at the Santa Fe depot?! I can’t wait to be there!!!!

    I will eat everything. I don’t like eel sauce or eel. Ever since watching Princess Bride I can’t with the eel. So, like, my entire life I’m a no go on eel. I actually like a Philly roll (like a weirdo!) All the Cheese and all the rice!

    I will also eat traditional bbq food. I am reliable to get directly in the pool/hot tub and then not leave by 7pm. I am also reliable to pass out in a lawn chair.

    I can’t wait to see you ALL!!!



    I kinda had my hopes on a traditional bbq but I’m down for whatever and I know they can be a lot of work. Either way, I’m going to bring a couple things to share as I’m on a pretty clean eating situation right now and not doing grains (so rice is out). Can’t wait to see you all!!!!!!

     Aarti Mallya

    I will coordinate with Charlie. I would like to get there maybe about 3 and have to leave about 4:30 ish. I will be picking Sophia up from the airport and haven’t seen her since the 1st. She will be coming off of a 7 hour flight and doesn’t feel shell have energy to come hang out, otherwise she would. And I really really miss her and need some Sophia time.


    Lol Juliana I can’t tell if you’re kidding by “for some reason I thought this was a BBQ” I can’t totally imagine you writing that as a joke from essence – and I can totally see your SM actually not being sure!

    I am SUPER BUMMED to miss this. Like super bummed. PUH-LEASE take lots of pictures and can we do it again in May or July? I know Kerry has wanted to host one too in the summer months – and Nichole so I’m sure there will be opportunity, but I have full faith that this weekend is about major wins in team across the board – play, intimacy, leaning in. Have so much fun at the “BBQ” =)

     Juliana Sih

    Hi Charlie,

    I have on my calendar that I will come from 4-7pm. For some reason I thought this was a BBQ, I envisioned us chilling by the pool/hot tub, grilling some vegan hotdogs, veggies and meat, having a beer or kambucha. What ever floats our boat.

    Sushi sounds great too. I just got a little thrown off by it. Charlie whats your vision for this?

     Charlie Horn

    Good morning team,

    I want to get clear on the times and food for this Friday. Lets make it 4 to 7. Does that not work for anyone?

    For food I suggest we get some good sushi. I can have my nephew Drew pick up an order for us from Tabu sushi in santee. He just got his license and His new nickname is Drewber lol :). He shuttles us around the neighborhood and he totally helped Lillian and I when we were moving. I love this kid and he is the best!!!

    I am totally game to take a short order as well so bring your requests and I will have it ready for you.

     Charlie Horn


    I am not attached to any time frame. I made it up that everyone would want there evenings and 7 or 8 to end is totally good for me. Where does everyone else land on start time will 4 work for all?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 24 total)
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