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    Sabs, I’m sorry if I stepped over the situation you were in and what you were feeling when I brought this. Just wanted to say that. Love you and your heart and your stand for Lesa.

     Charlie Horn

    I see it all as perfect and I have had my clients cancel and not show up and I have also been accommodating and put myself second to there at affectness. This is a great conversation to have around confidentiality and getting agreement. I think it is important to come back to getting agreement in so many areas not just with coaching but all relationships. It’s something I keep seeing more and more benefit from. Even with Lillian. I see value in going back in and having foundational conversations regularly. We forget things and it’s good to go to church every Sunday to remember. I also hold all thing AC as confidential and from a place of unconditional love. Maybe not in every moment but ultimately I see through that lens. And I hold Lesa from that place as well here. It’s great to see the opportunity for transformation and growth. It’s really cool to see it as perfect and hold the space for the positive and negative consequences from trust that it will all work out.  Thanks Sabrina for being with all of what came up for you. Your willingness to give of yourself is beautiful and kind.
    Thanks Nichole for being with all of what came up for you. Your willingness to own your genuine authentic experience has generated a conversation that has us all in leadership.
    let me take a moment to acknowledge everyone for the growth I have been present to in each of us. From where I am looking we all have made massive shifts in playing out loud and generating team and leadership. I know there is always room for more and let’s really sit with what is and what was just a short few months ago. What is next?
    I see opportunity to create agreement and relationship all over by revisiting what confidentiality means here and for what purpose be willing to have a team of coaches working together for the greater good.

     Juliana Sih

    I don’t have anything different to add. What I see is Sabs support request inside of a right/wrong context. Some flavor of “gah help, tell me what to do so I don’t mess this up. I am angry and frustrated. And it’s not my fault that we couldn’t do the essence convo.”

    I agree the screen shots adds to the weeds, justification and interpretations. Sharing the facts could have been simple and straight forward!

    Sabs, I just want to normalize the frustration and annoyance. Thanks for holding Lesa and having her!


     Brittany Cotton

    Loving this thread and who everyone has responded is being about it.

    I agree with what T and Nichole put in, and like Sabrina said it gave me some new places to look as well.

    I think at times it might serve us to give the exact words, and I also think it can “deflate” our leadership by relying on the exact message versus bringing the conversation from “heres what I see.” I think perhaps screen shots can add to the “drama” our SMs want to bring to our clients stuff, versus supporting us in staying off the court.

    Who else?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hearing all of this. Thanks for getting this thread started!

    I don’t see screenshots as an invasion of privacy- the participants are aware that whatever they bring could be shared amongst the entire leadership team. I hold it as an effective means of clearly communicating with the team, which is what was behind my action.

    I see where T is looking and I see how I needed to “let you all know what was going on” and “keep my hands clean” so to speak. I also don’t feel the need to defend myself and I’ll completely align with no more screenshots. I can see Nichole & T’s points. They cover things I hadn’t considered.

    I’m also happy to just report in and share what’s so in my own words in the future.

    I am curious if anyone else has anything else?


    Thanks for starting this thread. I agree that we don’t need to get into the weeds of the content. That has us relating to their survival mechanism. To me, it lands as, “See what I mean?”

    I personally do think it’s an invasion of privacy. I think we’ve successfully established with the participants that we will share “what’s so” with the rest of the team, but I know for a fact that Lesa would be upset to find out texts that she thought were between her and Sabs were shared with the entire team. It put me in an uncomfortable place reading texts that she wrote while admittedly triggered. She probably would have shown up differently if she knew the team would read it. She clearly didn’t know. I just think we should give the entire participant team a heads up that there are no holds barred with sharing their text and email communication if that’s how we want it to go.

     Aarti Mallya

    I agree

     Tiffany Turner

    Picking up from GroupMe.

    Nichole, I see where you’re coming from in wanting participant consent. I hold it that inside this program, everything the participants are working on, is open for the leader team to know about, unless a participant requests confidentiality. So I’m not holding it that we’re breaking privacy or confidentiality in sending screen shots of text threads.

    That said, I see our team as too powerful to be in the weeds of precision, or the game of “they said, I said..”

    So Sabs, what I see for you is to bring the next level of your leadership. We trust you, we’re on your team, and from that place, we don’t need the exact words that transpire between you and your participants. I have it that this form of communication keeps you stuck in the weeds and incomplete, and I know that’s not where you want to be. So knowing that there’s nothing bad or wrong about sending text message screen shots, can you also see how it’s not an expression of how powerful you are as a leader?

    My request is that we all continue to request the support that we need, and practice our speaking and requests from an uncomfortable place, so as to expand our leadership! I believe that’s what we’re all here for! <3

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