The Impact of Our Super Powers

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     Juliana Sih

    Oh this is so great! Thanks for bringing this conversation T. Will have to watch that documentary, wish there was one for Elon 😉

    I had to think about this for a bit, but I believe my superpowers are vision, pattern recognition, and connection.

    Where are you avoiding the growth of your super power? Vision, I am great at seeing the big picture, but without execution and action, nothing is created. So at times, and to varying degrees, I avoid taking action that would service my vision. I get lost in the vision and it seems so big and “impossible” that I end up with false starts. With pattern recognition from SM, I use it to find whats wrong rather than identifying problem, take the lesson and iterate. I am in process of growth in this area. Connection is easy for me, often not with client game though. There is a growth edge for me to be comfortable and confident in being coach. My “need to be liked” can hijack and then, well you know…Also there is more for me to grow into with my family and my communication style with them.

    What’s possible when you’re known around the world, for that super power? I believe that the inner work creates the outer work, inner peace caused world peace, and when we realize our potential the world will be filled with the genius of humanity.

     Aarti Mallya

    1. I would say my super power is connection. Diversity and inclusion so that we come together, feel loved, well-come, included, and inspired to live life and prosper.

    2. Avoiding holding back and not being bold.

    3. So So many coming together with unconditional love, working and playing together.


    Ok. This is an airplane forum post for me. My first thought is that my SP is love. I love so hard. I also think it’s vision. I love and vision to my detriment. LOVE this thread, T, thanks! Can’t wait to watch the docu.

     Jeff Miller

    Wow! T thanks for starting this and sharing about Bill Gates. I actually didn’t know a lot of that about Bill, but it totally does not surprise me. That guy is a freaking rock star. The one thing I remember reading about Bill Gates is when he became the riches man of the world, he said that he won’t remain the riches man in the world because he is dedicated to so many causes and charities that he will end up giving a lot of it away. So refreshing and amazing to see.

    Nichole thanks for sharing and I totally see those as your super powers.

    I will have to circle back to this one. I am actually not sure about what my super power would be. I have been told that I am able to have conversations with anybody and people open up to me. Other than that I am not sure. I pride myself on being disciplined on working hard, but as Bill Gates shows there is a whole bigger game to working hard. Anyway, that is all for now, but I will do some thinking about this topic and add more later.


    OBSESSED. I am obsessed with Bill Gates. I have not watched that documentary yet because I’m afraid that it’s going to do something to me. I know that in spite of all I am already doing in the world, I am still playing small. I know that. And I know that if I watch this documentary it’s going to inspire me to stop playing small and that scares me because I know I’ll have to give up some things that I’m not ready to give up.

    My super powers are creative problem solving and community building. I think I have brought this up before. The problem solving is part of my winning strategy, which is what keeps me trapped in my business, and I think the way out of the trap is through community building, which I never knew how to monetize before now, so it wasn’t something I focused on earlier in life.

    Have you read Outliers? It’s incredibly fascinating. I don’t want to ruin it for anyone who hasn’t read it so I won’t share too much, but it breaks down the people in the world that we view as prodigies (such as Bill Gates) and how their stories of success all have common threads of putting in the time (10,000 hours makes an expert) and being given the opportunity to focus on it (typically tied to socioeconomic status). It’s that simple. Do the work. Stay focused. Get supported. Make an impact.

    If I was known around the world for my super powers, I would be President of the United States.

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     Tiffany Turner

    Team – I’ve just finished watching a 3 part docu-series on Bill Gates, Inside Bill’s Brain. In the last episode of the series, I cried on and off the entire hour. That man is so committed, and so clear about what he can create in the world, and none of it is because of or via money, it’s because of and via his super powers of Thought and problem solving.

    Learning about Bill’s life and what he’s created and what it’s taken, I’m extremely present to the Action required to Cause Impact. Bill talks about working until he falls asleep on his keyboard, only to wake up again and pick up where he left off. About substituting a powered soda called Tang, for meals, because it only required one hand to consume, and therefore allowed him to work and eat similtaneously. About giving up his entire summer as a 14 year old to generate a program code that solved for computer generation of student class schedules (before Bill created this, student class schedules were created by hand, by humans, and it would take multiple people the entire summer to create the following year’s class schedules for their students. Just take a minute to think about how many human hours have been saved in the last 40 years because Bill generated that code).

    When he talks about any of his past, he’s full of glee. He knows living like this isn’t something everyone wants, but it’s what he wants, and he celebrates that he created and has it.

    I don’t want to work all night, nor do I want to eat powered sugar instead of meals, but damn, there are people in the world that do and will, and that level of Action Creates something so big it touches the part of me that makes water fall out of my eyes.

    Through the series, I learned that Bill is simultaneously heading projects in global polio eradication, elimination of hundreds of thousands of annual deaths due to diarrhea through human fecal sanitization, and serving global warming through creation of renewable energy. Each of these efforts have been decades of commitment and billions of dollars of investment.

    Each of these are a problem, and Bill’s gift on this earth is solving problems. I wonder what it looks like when each of us get super clear on our super power, and then zoom out to assess the highest level of Impact our super power can have.

    I can see that Relationship is my super power, and there’s a million ways I could design a global-level impact through relationship. The thing is, Relationship and Connection is easy for me, and so I don’t invest my energy in getting even better at it. Instead, I think of it as “handled” and search for other gaps to address. And if I’m being honest, there are so many people in my life who take me out, and if I don’t use that opportunity to Connect and create Relationship even more powerfully, my opportunity to Cause Impact at a higher level is compromised.

    What’s your super power?

    Where are you avoiding the growth of your super power?

    What’s possible when you’re known around the world, for that super power?

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