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     Juliana Sih

    Love it T! I am open to hearing about Sarah and the confusion. I will reach out to connect about it.

    When I read this post, I got this sense of ‘peeping’. Or maybe ontological colluding. Just wanted to check in, is it?

    You see so much! 🙂


     Tiffany Turner

    So I attended Ryan and Lesa’s Empower Hour this week and I wanted to share what I learned and got from the experience, and I don’t think any of this is going to be a surprise.

    Nancy shared and was engaged more without leadership there.

    Don steamrolled everyone by being in the spotlight regularly, and he seemed so aloof to his teammates, who they are, what they want to connect about, and how his presence impacts the space. I was particularly taken by some of his shares around how he wishes he had sons and wants to teach men how to be men. It wasn’t until this call that I really saw how chauvinistic Don can be, and with Lauren, Sarah, and Nancy on the call (not that I know those three ladies super well, but I gather than they’re a stand for gender equality), I was surprised at their visible discomfort and unwillingness to step in or reflect to Don the impact of his words and Being.

    At some point I DM’ed Lauren and asked about the team tip toeing around each other, she brilliantly asked “Who on the leader team is still being tip toed around?”

    I was surprised at how quiet Sarah was, and when she did share, she seemed so disconnected from the conversation. She would go off mute and start telling stories about an old acquaintance of hers who chooses to live homeless in Central Park. I couldn’t follow how the conversations the team were were tied to these stories she continued to bring. It felt like she had something she wanted to share, and in not being given the space by others, she demanded it from time to time, but without transition of the conversation, which left me feeling confused. J – this had me see some great gold for you and her, and I’d love to share it if you’re open to it.

    Ryan seemed to be getting his needs for companionship met, and predictably, he wasn’t willing to be bold or be coach with anyone. On our coaching call yesterday, I reflected the opportunity for him to practice being bold from compassion and love, and that whether he practiced that with Natalie, or with his team, it would have a great impact. I look forward to seeing if he chooses differently from here.

    So all this to say, I see that our participants have a breakthrough in being bold with one another. And, we have a breakthrough in being bold with one another.

    I feel great about a stand I brought to LKT via MP this week. I feel so clear that my stand is inside her commitments to her life, and inside our joint commitments to AC and leadership. This was me practicing inviting her into something, and inviting her to be her word and inviting her to get what she came for, AND, I got no say in what LKT chooses or how it goes.

    I want to create this same unattached, compassionate, bold stand for all of you. Sabs, I shared mine for you on our payments thread. For everyone else on team, please know I’m here to practice my bold compassionate leadership, and I’m playing for my breakthrough! I look forward to being supported by you all <3.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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