The thing I don't want to talk about but kind of have to since I brought it up.

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    Thanks for chiming in and for the support, Charlie and Juliana. Today was unfortunately not a great one on this front. I connected with my attorney. While our case is incredibly defensible and she can’t connect any dots as to why we’re being dragged into this (we’re named as one of four defendants), she believes this could cost us upward of $500K to defend in federal court. It’s super fucked up. We literally did nothing wrong and just happen to know people who are feuding with each other and dragging us into it. We sent a tender of defense to our insurance adjuster today to see if we can get the fees covered. Please cross your fingers for me. If not, I don’t know what we’re going to do.

     Charlie Horn

    Nichole, great awareness of what you were carrying around. Keep  an eye out for the opportunity/silver lining/positive consequence. It can be very automatic to plan for the worst case scenario and miss the opportunity that comes with what is usually taken as a terrible blow. You got this and I will reach out to you tomorrow by text to see if/when you want to talk about it. I have been through a couple legal battles that became battles because I saw them as such. One of them was for daily fines of 72,000 for a tenant who was operating illegally and my partner was getting involved which opened me up to personal liability. I flipped my lid when I was served and it all worked out for me in that case and the tenant ended up settling the case. What I lost was the capacity I exhausted in worrying about it all and the time to go to court. I trust that it will all work out for you and whatever the outcome there will be positive consequences that will have you in a better place than if this case never happened. Keep an open mind and take care of your well being and I will support you on getting complete before you go in. You are grace and beauty and power and integrity. No one can mess with that. It is who you are.

     Juliana Sih

    Nichole! Thanks for sharing YOU. Each time you share, we get to peak into your life more and more. And I have to say, I love it! And I have it that all of team does too.

    In the midst of the chaos, you got some gold, that is pretty amazing! Thanks for letting us in. We got you, and I will be reaching out to support 🙂


    Oh for crying out loud. I’ve tried editing the spacing twice but it’s denying me paragraph breaks. Sorry about that.

    As promised, I want to share what was up with my cryptic video on marcopolo. I truly debated whether or not to share this. As I mentioned in my video, I was worried about bringing too much attention to myself or it or something. I’m overthinking it, I know. Here goes…
    Last Thursday I got served with papers for two complaints. One is a federal law suit with a demand for a jury trial alleging trade secret violations and computer fraud. The second is a demand for arbitration on a separate issue (but from the same plaintiff) about a $174K conversion fee they claim I owe them. None of this is private, so I can talk about the what, I just can’t get into too many details that aren’t part of the public filings. Literally, you can google it and find it and read the entire complaints. It’s pretty serious.
    First, let me say that I am completely innocent of all the things they are alleging my involvement in. And second, let me say how much that sentence makes me want to throw up. I heard myself say it out loud to one of my colleagues and it felt so dirty. I had an epiphany about context that I hadn’t been able to see before.
    Saying that I’m innocent of something implies that there’s guilt to be the opposite of. Receiving this suit made me feel like a victim and a criminal at once. I immediately felt like I had to defend myself, even though two minutes prior to receiving it, there was nothing to defend. So why does someone claiming something change the way reality feels? It’s such an emotional hijacking!
    My second epiphany: I noticed that I kept using the word “heavy” to describe this. I said that in my marcopolo video. Something heavy. A few nights ago I woke up in the middle of the night feeling like my head weighed a thousand pounds and like I couldn’t move. I used my hands to physically lift my head and move it around to reassure myself that I wasn’t paralyzed.
    Something that I was unconsciously doing was carrying around the actual documents with me… About 100 pages of text. That is literally heavy. I would take it out of my computer bag and set it on my desk and read it. Then put it back in my computer bag and carry it home. Then take it out and put in on the counter. Then put it back in my computer bag and carry it back to the office. Yesterday as I was picking it up from my desk to put back in my bag I realized what I was doing and laughed. I’m literally carrying this physically heavy thing around and then wondering why it feels so heavy. I put it in my top drawer then and haven’t taken it back out.
    My attorney has been in Germany for the past couple weeks. I’m waiting for her to return so I can have her advise as to how we’re going to respond and what our plan is. But I have been unable to be supported by her. She is flying home today and we are talking tomorrow.
    Today I had lunch with my advisor, Brian Smith (the guy who founded Ugg boots) to get his advice. I said, “Tell me stories about being sued,” because I knew he’d have some perspective on it that would be refreshing. He always does. He said that when he was in a similar situation with Ugg, his attorney gave him the advice, “Beat them in the marketplace.”
    This doesn’t apply exactly because it’s not a competitor, it’s a vendor. But it definitely re-presenced me to the importance of just keeping my eye on the ball. This will get sorted out. I am okay. But I wanted to share because I don’t know what’s going to happen and what it will require of me. From that perspective I’m nervous. Things like this, if they don’t blow over, can kill a business. That also makes me nervous. So, well, maybe I’m not super okay. But I’m mostly okay. I think. ?
    Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Back to your regularly scheduled forum posts.
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