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     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Britt for the reflections. I have clients from 8:30-3pm straight on Monday. I will continue to call new folks and call others back at 3pm.

    T! Awesome work. Thanks for getting us on the board with one therapist. I will call Sarah Monday and connect with her.

     Tiffany Turner

    Britt thanks for presence-ing us to Therapist being the only thing OUT right now.

    I notice our team is doing a lot of distinguishing, and not so much action/results.

    Britt shared something with me before module 1 when I was standing for Charlie to generate Massage Therapists, she said, “T. producing the program for these participants is the highest priority,” and that reminded me that I could stand for a breakthrough for Charlie, and allow for that to look any way, rather than how I’ve normally seen it go.

    So I’ll invite team to get into action to generate module 2 so that we’re delivering on our commitment to these amazing souls.

    Jeff I have a confirmed therapist, her name is Sarah Cooke Ruggera, her #858-735-1139. She’s expecting to hear from you! Sarah is SO excited about AC and what we’re up to. She said she’s looking forward to having a group of coaches to refer people to as she’s clear how some people need coaching, some need therapy, some need both, and that not every person is the right fit, so the bigger network to refer to, the better. She was so natural, authentic, and created partnership with ease.

    One therapist down, two more to go. Who has someone?

     Brittany Cotton

    You know what I just realized is so perfect. This module has 3 major module specific accountabilities. This is the only module like this,  and of course its the second one as we are Forming our team. Oh the beautiful coincidence!  The overwhelm, the not sure where to put attention, all of it is totally normal and part of our creation as a team.

    What I love about this work is the opportunity for all the different viewpoints and ways of seeing something. It allows for so much possibility, and gives us the opportunity to really REALLY look at who we are, how we want to be as team, etc.

    Nichole you wrote it may be going this way as a result of “everyone trying to put a little bit of themselves in each bucket instead of putting themselves powerfully into one bucket.” And I totally agree, though in a way that may be different to how you were seeing it. I see that we are trying to put a little bit of ourselves in each bucket (accountability, task, game, conversation, etc) instead of putting ourselves powerfully into one bucket (TEAM!).

    What I see is that we haven’t had a breakthrough in team, and this is the stuff of creating it! these conversations, these breakdowns, these back and forths. My guess is if we were truly being Team, and knew what that meant for all of us, it would go different. From TEAM we could create “divide and conquer” but for 4 days we did that separate causing us all to run on little hamster wheels cause it wasn’t actually created from team, just our own overwhelms.

    So again my suggestion is a power hour on monday morning where we all play full out. Who else has an idea?


    I think this is a great place for us to look at how we want to be as a team around accountabilities. Juliana beat me to it, but I was telling was telling her this morning that I feel like we need to divide and conquer instead of having all hands on deck in every area.

    I am a powerful team player. My power feels spread thin if I’m playing on every team.  So to me this seems like the result of everyone trying to put a little bit of themselves in each bucket instead of putting themselves powerfully into one bucket.

    I guess that’s not helpful in creating what we need for the therapist, but just something to look at moving forward in terms of how we want to tackle accountability and learn from this.  My two cents.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Juliana!

    Thanks so much for saying so!!! 🙂

    I have it that all that is left for Service project is to be at cause to respond to Sabrina’s enrollment, and continue to be in communication around which place. So what I see now needs the love is Therapist. I think the un distinguished divide and conquer also has many of us conquering a few things in our lives, versus getting sourced or causing ALL things in our lives. How its been going with team is a great example of this.

    I suggest we hold a team power half hour where as many people come as can and we all spend the entire time calling therapists.

    I will lead this Monday at 930 am pst. Who else as an idea?

     Juliana Sih

    Hey team,

    I want to own that I have not been playing therapist or service project. And thats because I have been on guest clients and creating the initial calls and conversations.

    I was talking with a few teammates and there is some flavor of divide and conquer happening but without the ownership of it.

    I’d like to know who is playing therapy, who is playing service project? I am happy to play for these two also, but I am not sure where my energy is most needed.

    So yes we are a team, but how can we divide and conquer so as to create our declarations?

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Nichole!

    I actually have it we are saying the exact same thing! The request for each person to have one therapist by end of day keeps not happening, so being asked again and again seems super odd and wonky to me. If something isn’t creating the result you are looking for, it would be insane to keep doing the same thing.

    We could look at whats missing here as each person bringing one therapist, or we could look at who team is being, what else we might try, what is having it go this way, how else we might get our 3, what other options we have as a team to generate, what would could create as a team instead of 1 each, etc.

    I don’t have it we need 10 therapists by any means. I am simply suggesting that we actually create something different in service of us getting three. Anyone have any ideas?

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Nichole and Charlie for responding. Nichole, to answer your questions directly, we don’t “need 10” therapists. The idea of each one submitting is a little more than a nice to have. What I notice, especially from the post you just put in, is that we as a team are in overwhelm. And I totally get it. We have a good amount of accountabilities to produce, our own coaching practices, and our own lives. When I get into overwhelm I try to laugh. Because it is actually ridiculous for me to let myself be in overwhelm when this is the life I have created. I quickly slip into “have to0” versus “get too.” We get to play with abundance and choose the best therapist or service project location. We get to take on this work so that we can move past the typical overwhelm and get what’s behind that. That is this work! That is why when I get in the “I don’t wanna’s” I remember that there are breakthroughs to be had.

    What I notice now, is that we have 3 options for service project and 0 for therapist at this point. I will be continuing to make calls and follow ups and I am declaring that WE will have at least 3 options generating by team by the EOD today.

    What is everyone else doing? LKT, Juliana, Sabrina? How can we get and give support to continue to generate our breakthroughs?

     Charlie Horn

    I have Ben 858 433 5283, Erica 858 346 5500 and Julie Morell disqualified,

    I have left messages with caitlin 8586349116 , Jill 8583544077, Karina Margaux Ahumada, Amy Anderson, James William Parker.


    Britt, I know you were talking to Jeff and not me, but what I see over here is that we’re expecting everyone to generate results for every accountability and that could be creating some overwhelm. I could also just be speaking for myself. I don’t know. It’s a lot to keep track of what’s happening in each area and knowing what’s needed. Like, do we really need ten vetted options to narrow down to one therapist? That just seems like overkill so I’m not sure if that’s super serious and we definitely need ten or are we declaring 10 hoping to get 5? I notice declarations aren’t about what’s probably going to happen but throwing some big goal in the space and it usually doesn’t happen. Just an observation, not a judgement. That could be creating some of the “someone else will handle it” mentality.

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