This Stale, Crunchy Ole Biscuit Is Piping Hot Ya'll!!! $$$

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     Jeff Miller

    Sure I would be open to leading a call around money. Nothing fancy for me around it. Some great books, a spreadsheet and a lot of work on the ontological component. I will create something that works for whoever wants to hop on a zoom call.

     Aarti Mallya

    T. and Jeff I would be interested in a tracking money call. I am actually pretty good with money track but would also like to see others ways and may be able to contribute.

     Tiffany Turner

    Here’s to many more $1740 days! Thanks for the consistency in this thread, Sabs!


    Jeff, will you lead a session for our whole team around tracking money? I’d like to attend.

     Sabrina Pratt

    It’s SUCH a context. I have such a dang context around money.

    The final count from yesterday was $1,740 plopped into my bank acct.

    I just had my call with Bernadette. Even when I have $10,000+ in checking I freak out and I’m like, “Everyone will leave me, my business will fail, I’m gonna blow it! Oh GOD NO!!!” so, anyway, it’s just a context.

    I got some super clear action items walking out of my coaching call today.

    Still definitely in need of some mad support from team. Thank you!!!

     Aarti Mallya

    Sabrina thanks so much for sharing and modeling what we can have here with our lives created with team. Along with what Jeff said the authenticity and vulnerability. You really are inspiring from every direction. It is so cool how you shared all this and Jeff was like hey here’s another part of my life and I can help this way… Now I just found out more about your life and Jeff’s life.

    I can relate to so much of what you said especially the support request. I hear you and I am putting forth all my efforts and everything I got you everyone on team individually and collectively.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    So far I have generated $1,620 into my checking account today. That’s before expenses related to this income. It’s the gross amount. This is payment from yesterday’s cal poly event, class payments, a cheque from 2 shows and one from an emcee gig. But. Still. It’s a record setting day for me.

    That’s pretty crazy awesome and I wanna have many more days like this one (because I also woke up in a leisurely happy way, ran around town in yoga pants, drove my convertible with my adorable dog hanging out of it, took it super easy and had minimal boring cooped up inside time today. I ate well and I feel great. I want more days like this! More. Days. Like. This. Breakthrough in process.

    My teacher self from just a year ago would be like, “what the hell?! no way. this can’t be real.” And my SM has me believing it can’t be real either. Or if this is real then it isn’t sustainable and tomorrow I will run out of money. I’m still scared. What the crap?! What is happening over here?!

    Jeff- yes yes and yes to all the help and support!!! I will text you to set something up. Thank you, thank you, thank you for offering your support!!!

    All my love;


     Jeff Miller

    Thanks you Sabrina! Love the authenticity and vulnerability. I got you and the team has you. I will consistency check-in, acknowledge you and call you forth to play out loud.

    On a side note, I have had a few breakthroughs in money and in my other business I actually mentor people in budgeting and tracking their money. I can share some tools with you offline that you may find helpful in addition to all of the great stuff you have already taken on. YOU GOT THIS!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I have had it so heavy on my heart to reply to so many things on the forum that now I can’t even remember what thread is what and it appears that I have kicked that can so far down the road that it has gathered other cans to it and become a mega-can.

    So- I’ve just gotta start right here- with the reply that wakes me up in the night. It’s lengthy AND there’s requests for support. I love you all. I am so freaking grateful to be on this team. I am looking forward to being EVEN MORE on this team than ever before. Also. I see for myself that I need to create this breakthrough to get myself there.

    My Money Breakthrough!

    I have definitely created some breakthrough in making money AND NOW I am up against a breakthrough in managing that money so it doesn’t whip wildly back out the door as soon as I collect it.

    I got a bit taken out that T called my money breakthrough ‘stale’ in the payments thread. I was like, “WHAT?! It’s not stale for me! not right now! It’s super real!!! I am working my behind off over here trying desperately to get in front of and on top of my money stuff in a way that I never have before!”

    I have actually created a ton of breakthroughs on the way to what Berna and I refer to as “The Big Momma of all Breakthroughs” for me. I have been actively creating breakthroughs for myself in systems, routines, tracking, in my business, in my relationships and in how I relate to coaching. Berna and I have been in partnership the last few weeks like never before and it’s been amazing!!! We are in a lot of communication and I have been allowing her support in on a whole new plane. Please don’t get distracted by my magic show of all the things I am doing “right” and please read on…

    Now, where’s the money thing at?

    I am super scared that I can’t afford my life right now. To get myself through the last 1.5 years of working for myself, being single and living solo again, living a more costly life, the $18K of AC tuition, starting 2 businesses and the expenses therein, etc. I have been dipping into savings, borrowing money and have accumulated some credit card debt.


    I can’t seem to get fully in front of it. I make more money, I have more expenses. My car registration is overdue, I haven’t paid my gas bill in 3 mos. My SM has me thinking that I can either pay rent OR my coach this month. My SM tells me that I’d better quit AC because it’s absurd to spend that much money just to go to San Diego to pay money to work for free for 52+ hours in 4 days. My SM says I’m nuts and crazy and that the entire tidal wave is about to catch up with me and take me under.

    The truth is: I’m just not fully on top of things financially and right now it feels like my life doesn’t fully work and I’m scared that I can’t figure out how to get it to work. I am so nervous that I can’t afford my life right now. I can’t figure it out!

    I am freaking out and I feel like I’m drowning and most days I just retreat into the comfort of either/or thinking or running errands or cleaning or lie in bed with the covers over my head in full-on avoidance mode. I’m also taking action and doing bigger and bigger things AND I am scared. Both things exist simultaneously in my fun little body which is also really joyfully skipping through life like, “I just KNOW it’ll all be OK!”

    Because: It’s always OK. But. Here’s the thing: I actually want more than OK. God wants more for me than just OK. My life has always turned out just OK and I want more than that. I want a life that is abundant and full everywhere. A life of ease and lightness and freedom. A life of giving and generosity and love.

    The money breakthrough IS a being breakthrough. And, it’s a big one for me. I notice that when I get grouchy about something, when I most doubt myself, when I back out, run, start avoiding, want to quit, etc. it can be traced back to money and my fear of running out of it, wasting it, etc.

    -I would declare LIT and continue to work with AC past this year because I love it IF it weren’t for the money (money spent on travel, money ‘lost’ when I’m not working on my businesses, etc. I asked myself if I just had $20,000 hanging out in my checking acct. right now would I declare LIT and the answer was HELL YES.)

    -I would be fully on top of my bills if it weren’t for the money

    -I would be more invested in my own well being if it weren’t for the money

    You get the idea. When I get grouchy and snarky and snappy, it’s often the money. When my money is handled, I am usually pretty well sourced.

    IMPORTANT & BRIEF BACK STORY: I showed up in a lot of pain my entire participant year in a large part because I had JUST quit my job as a high school teacher to work for myself AND that was confronting all by itself THEN I bit off more than I could chew financially by committing to AC. Talk about some hella money objections. I’ve had ’em and I’ve got ’em. It was EXTREMELY confronting for me that my team paid for some people on my team to finish because no one helped me financially even though I was hurting, too. A lot. I just did so more quietly. As I will do when I hurting. I will snap then go quietly shut down in a corner. Every month I made the payment online I cried really hard before, after and during making the payment. I threw up a lot my participant year. I got really depressed. I spent money that I’d saved up to start my comedy theater. I am feeling kind of sick right now remembering that. And I did most of that scared crying in silence. I did most of that without saying anything about how it was going for me. It was really, really hard for me. It IS difficult for me right now.

    This breakthrough isn’t stale for me.

    This breakthrough is very, very active- it is actually a MASSIVE breakthrough in me having an altogether different experience of life than I have ever had. It is a breakthrough in my being. A breakthrough in my commitment to myself and want I want for my life.

    Team, here is how I need to be supported: 

    Please, please keep encouraging me to play OUT LOUD (if I get quiet or withdrawn it probably means I am holding something and/or covering something up) and OFTEN, I really need to be an active participant A LOT (otherwise I hide in my “it’s fine, it’s fine, I’m fine” automatic) so, call me out and call me forth- I may be grouchy but deep down, I’m down to do the thing.

    I need a ton of consistent empowering checking in and acknowledgement, probably always but especially right now, I am right up against it and I do not want to back down and do my normal thing- I really want to create this break through!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love you all. I know we can do this.

    I’m going to have dinner with Oprah. I am taking you all out to dinner and then we can go to Catalina Island for drinks & karaoke. I want to pay my coach,  buy a new couch and a camper.

    aiyiyiyi. Don’t give up on me, please!

    Love you;


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