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     Jeff Miller

    Love this T. The more I am in this work, the more I am reminded that there are no rules and possibility is everywhere. I get so excited for what people create around their practices and lives. I love that the intention is to work with more people and to not sacrifice what you want .Thanks for being a genius, rockstar and a badass coach!

     Tiffany Turner

    Team, on Thursday’s Business Breakthrough’s 30 call with Nichole, I designed what I’m calling, “my business buffet.”

    I realized that there’s so many people who want to work with me, and the barrier to entry is a rate they’re unwilling to be coached around, or create. SO, it’s time to try something new in generating more business and impacting more lives!

    This is what I created:

    1. Intentional Living Series
      1. 6 month commitment
      2. Meets 2x/month
      3. Training style – I’ll be leading workshops that empower people to live intentionally
      4. 12- workshop curriculum (9 of 12 already generated)
      5. $125/month for 6 months, OR $699 up front
      6. I will create two groups, and fill them up to 10 people
    2. Group Coaching
      1. 4 month commitment
      2. Meets 2x/month
      3. Ontological coaching on subjects/requests brought by people in the group
      4. $299/month or $1099 up front
      5. Maximum of 4 people
    3. One on One coaching
      1. This is for the people who are super clear what they’re after, and super empowered in working with me to create it
      2. I will hold a maximum of 7 spaces for 1:1 clients, including participants (this means I only have 5 one on one coaching openings! And I will upping my rate or firing myself from a few clients to get here – currently at 8 clients)

    If anyone hears something in this for them, I hope it will inspire you to create your own buffet!


    Ok got it! Can I support you in a separate conversation to speed this up a little – my Qs might be so micro but I’m getting that you are playing to be A BADASS in your CAREER – where your SM doesn’t thrive and where the cycle that’s played out to date is bankrupt (aka no more pay-off!). Ok!

     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for asking, it’s forcing me to be more clear.

    The big, bold thing, is creating a new Work/Career cycle. My cycle has always been disempowered, and a lot of victimhood. My SM thrives in my career. This doesn’t work for me, but I skate by not handling it because of Jack’s support + my hiding and riding the line.

    The big bold request is to not allow my hiding, and call me forward to transform my relationship and cycle with Career. I want to continue being the powerful partner that I am to Jack, and my friends, of high integrity of my commitments to others, AND a badass in my career. That last one, I’ve never truly had it. So this is what I’m playing for now!


    Ooh – OK good clarification, T. Are you holding the result of a PD as big and bold or your requesting support as b&b? or both? or you going after what you want as big and bold? What’s the actual thing you’ve been unwilling to bust up? Being in consistent action? I think I’m with you, there’s something of a fixy strategy get it right thing I’m picking up on and look – whatever gets you what you want – AND…..


    T, I had SO MUCH FUN on our call today. It was very sourcing for me. Thank you. You are a badass.

     Tiffany Turner

    @LKT, if I’m in a 10 year cycle that I’ve been unwilling to bust up, and avoided for 2.5 years of my time in AC, I hold it as bold and big. If you see something else here, please share what you see.

    Since my last post I’ve scheduled a 45-minute weekly call with Nichole that focuses on Business Breakthroughs.

    On today’s call I looked at how my highest intention in my business is IMPACT, and how I’ve avoided creating any measurements in that, which keeps me spinning my wheels.

    We brainstormed a ton of potential action, more than I can commit to in one week, and I believe others on team can benefit from these, so I’ll share the full list here:

    • Reframe Leads vs. Referrals
      • Leads need to nurture and grow, and therefore are lower initial value, and take more time/work to convert
      • Referrals are people who are actively looking for our service, and are referred to us. These folks are higher initial value, and less time/work to convert.
    • Get clear about how you want your LEADS cycle to look
    • What’s the IMPACT of making $85k/year? – By 2/10
    • What rewards and consequences would have me reliable to fulfill? – BY 2/10
    • Look at artificially removing the safety net of Jack/Jack’s salary, in service of ME (because I often fall resigned in my business, knowing that I don’t need the money)
    • I declare that I will not quote less than $750/month for 3 sessions/month – DONE
    • I will reach out to Manoj to learn more about how he set up a 25 person coaching group, grossing $7k/month – By 2/6
    • On next week’s call, I will design how workshops/group work will be present in my practice
    • I will get clear about what pipeline creation structures I will put in place – By 2/10
      • For example, I know parents are a great access point, and I could lead workshops for parents, knowing that it will generate 1:1 client leads, and be aligned with my workshop commitment
    • Brainstorm: Where do people who need coaches hang out? Where are they online?
    • Speak clearly about where my business is at: Everyone who knows me, knows I’m looking for clients. – Ongoing, starting now
    • Get complete about my business and how it’s gone 🙂 – BY 2/6

    In service of a Thriving business, I’ll continue to play out loud and show up for your stand for me! I got so clear on Production today that me not showing up for how y’all stand for me, is the biggest gap in action on my end. I’m here, I will not hide in my business any longer, and I will Thrive here as I do in my marriage.

    Thank you Nichole for sharing your gifts with me and team!!! I so appreciate your stand for us all to have the businesses we want!

    <3 T.


    So T are you and Nichole in relationship and creating that Project Design? By when can we see it and know what we’re standing for?

    You called it a big bold request and I certainly relate to you as big and bold, but I don’t hold this request as such. You having a Project Design in service of creating the business you want and the actions sufficient to create it seems kinda – normal. I hold it as completely what I would expect from you – and I’m excited to see what you will produce in your business from bringing the same big-bold to yourself that you do to us and others you love.


    T, I would like to be the one. I see a breakthrough for myself in practicing Stand, through Standing for the Master of Stands. And I see a breakthrough for you in having some serious support with your coaching biz project design in partnership with me.

     Tiffany Turner

    Holy cow. Yesterday was a really tough day for me. My experience of yesterday was something like, “This Standing Inside Relationship thing is SO exciting and I’m blinded by the exciting newness of it!…..AND, I can no longer be with this level of leadership in myself, so I will now combust.”

    In processing my experience, I could see 2 things:

    • Higher level of leadership = higher level of needs. And I wasn’t in tune with some unmet needs I had, so I overextended myself and it resulted in a breakdown
    • Who do I be when Standing Inside Relationship, isn’t enough to Cause transformation? I had never thought about this before. And it has me see how I’m sometimes attached to my Stand for others, and I got taken out when people weren’t generating their breakthrough. So, I’m exploring who I’ll choose to be when this comes up. And please share if you see anything for me.

    Here’s my big bold request for the remainder of this year. My pattern of Work/Career has played out in both AC and Tiffany Turner Coaching. I’m not currently reliable to be in consistent action so as to create the business I want. Unlike other areas of my life, where my commitment is clear and unchanging, my commitment in work/career has historically been a moving target.

    I’m not clear how I’ll create this breakthrough, and I’m not even totally clear what the breakthrough looks like, I just know that I’m ALL IN to create one. So Nichole, YES, I so hear, appreciate, and welcome your stand for me. The first thing I need is an empowered project design. Who will be the one to support me in the NSNK creation of this?

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