T's attendance this weekend.

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    I reached out to T this morning to clarify if she will be in attendance for holding, as well as asked her to hand off the DB clips.

    She will join us for the last 2/3 of graduation after our first break.

     Juliana Sih

    Just to be clear, T will be there for the entire graduation ceremony or just part of it? I second what Britt asked, will she be there for Holding?

    Other than those question, I am aligned.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Nichole!

    A couple things…

    Has someone taken over the video clips she made so she isn’t owning that?

    Holding is Sunday morning, right after a short distinguished share, just wanted to make sure she knows that. Likely between 1030-1 ish.


     Jeff Miller

    This sounds great. I want to acknowledge you both for being with the unknown and letting go here. AND, the only thing I would like to put in is if T doesn’t feel well that she does not attend and lean into not suffering.


    I have gotten so much joy in partnering with T this week to check in on her well being and her plan. We just solidified where she’s at and the plan for this weekend. Here’s what we got!

    Friday: T will join the team at 1:00 for clearing and stay for the first hour of the module.

    Saturday: T will join the team for morning clearing and stay for the first hour of the module. She will then join us after the first break during graduation (when we do the breakout rooms) so she can be there for Nancy and Ryan and for leadership acknowledgements.

    Sunday: T will join us at the end of the day for holding and completion.

    The breakthroughs for T in this plan is letting go of needing to know what’s going on, putting down doing, and being able to be with the team without having to add value. Her plan is to source herself, show up in her being, and just be with team. She knows that nobody is counting on her for anything and it’s so juicy!!

    Does anyone need anything around this or see something we don’t?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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