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    T thank you for the love and reverence you hold all of the pieces. I notice if ever I don’t know what is playing out, my fear is never that it isn’t being addressed. I acknowledge your willingness to hold the program, participants, your own wellbeing, and all the doing and be with of baby-making with ultimate care. Now all there is to do is love your body fiercely and be THE Magic Mama.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks T for being willing to go back in time and tine again in creating and recreation this. I will reach out to Ryan tomorrow and be in communication with you if anything comes up between now and graduation.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey Team,

    I just got off a call with Nancy. I shared where I’m at and what team is creating to support me. She shared she really wants to finish the year with me and so this is what we co-created:

    • I will coach Nancy this week and next week inside of the flexibility that if I need to reschedule, we’ll create our calls on different days/times
    • Should I be unable to coach Nan, Brittany will coach her instead. Both Brittany and Nancy are aligned on this. And Nancy knows Brittany is unavailable this week, so that leaves the chance of Nancy not being coached this week, but I’m not worried, I’ll create it with Nan.
    • If Nancy’s SM flares as we close the program year, she’ll play out loud on the LDP thread/forum to get supported by our full team
    • We reviewed that because Nancy has 43 hours in coaching calls already, and there’s no graduation consequences to missing a week, she’s aligned in the possibility of  missing this week based on my well being. But again, I’ll create it with her. She has lots of schedule flexibility and I usually have a couple feel good hours each day.

    Last is that I’m in touch with Sabs to get packages to her. All shipped packages will arrive to their people Thursday and Friday of this week, and we just need someone to own the creation of Steve’s grad packages (which I’ll give to Sabs for now in case you need to photograph the contents inside it, like the letters).

    Thank youssss. Love yousssss.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hi Team, I’m sorry I haven’t been out loud the last few days about What’s So. I accidentally did an All or Nothing thing and was waiting for everything to be flat to bring an update. Sorry to keep you all in the dark.

    Here is what’s so:

    • Ryan is enrolled in being support by Jeff and Juliana between now and graduation. Ryan shared that I know more about him than anyone else in his life, and we co-created me being available to him, should he feel he needs my specific support between now and grad, but otherwise, he’ll be coached by Jeff, and review his fourth recorded call with Juliana. All three of them are in touch, and Juliana has Ryan’s call recording and ICF Rating Sheet.
    • LKT is currently a no to coaching Nancy, and I see a few alternatives. Brittany will be coaching Nancy starting the week of September 21, and it could be a great relationship builder for Britt to be The One to both complete Nancy’s participant year with her, and roll right into LDP with her. I also see that I could coach Nancy this week and next, and ask that she get support from the LDP team for anything she needs outside of our one hour this week, and our one hour next week.

    My commitment is to have this flat by EOD today and be fully offline (unless we choose as team that it’s best for me to coach Nancy this week and next), and for me to be off forum and off team calls.

    The only other bit that’s open is grad packages. I’ll text Sabs today to see when we can get Steve + local SLO peeps packages to her. The other packages that are being mailed are going out today.

     Brittany Cotton

    I am aligned. And I would love some conversation and out loud-ness about whats so and what has been generated.

    T- have Nancy and Ryan been made aware?

    LKT and Jeff are you aligned, and whats next?

    And T- in service of your vision and well being, once everything is flat I am curious what you say about you being on Forum?

    Love y’all!

     Juliana Sih

    Clarification: will reach out to Ryan once we align as a team!

     Juliana Sih

    I am aligned and will reach out to Ryan!

    Thanks for knowing what you need, taking luscious care of yourself and practicing surrender.


    Thanks for taking really good care of yourself, T. Have you already gotten alignment from Jeff and LKT to take over your peeps? Anything else you need?

     Tiffany Turner

    Team –

    I’m 34 weeks pregnant today and am finding my well being less and less reliable as I near my due date.

    The last few weeks have held a lot of suffering for me as I’ve worked from my SM to be my word to my commitments. I’d really like to set this suffering down. The experience my body consistently asks of me is to surrender, and I keep telling it, “Sure, just let me just do one more thing…”

    I feel so held by our team and trust deeply that anything I’m owning, can be supported by you all in the last 2.5 weeks of program.

    My request is that Jeff and LKT support and coach Ryan and Nancy next week, and the week of module. That Juliana listen to and review Ryan’s 4th recorded call with him (and please stand for him to create it). That Jeff support Ryan in creating his graduation by partnering with him around passing his Final Oral Exam.  That Sabrina come pick up these packaged, ready-to-ship graduation packs from me, and support shipping if/when we’ve aligned as team to send them. For me to be absent from the next two weeks of AC calls (Production, Co-coaching, any T-Time additions, and Reg), and to assess my well being so as to attend and participate in module 7 based on where my well being and ability to be with team come September 11.

    Can anyone not align on my above requests?

     Juliana Sih


    Thanks for your ownership and integrity around this process. From your vision to the execution, thanks for modeling the ease and breakthroughs available in enrollment.

    Love you!

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