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     Jeff Miller

    Thank you Juliana for taking a look from a place of what you actually want. I am a stand that you actually have it all. The full practice, your voice and actually using structures like AC to support your vision for your life. Sometimes by taking a step back we can reinvent from a higher elevation. Keep getting supported and continue to play out loud.

     Tiffany Turner

    J, I really don’t want to lose you from AC or this team, and I really think PC2 is a good fit for where you are at, and I see you creating MORE from the place of being challenged at the right gradient for you (whatever the moving scale of “right” is).

    Sabs your response resonated with me and my version of the same thing is nestled into my Mat Leave post. So not down to commit to AC from performance, and I think I’d be out of integrity with myself if I were trying for LIT in 90 days from my declaration.

    Thanks to both of you for owning where you’re at out loud, and allowing us to support you in your processes.


    I love where both of you are coming from. Thanks for playing out loud and showing that there’s more than one way to “do” AC and leadership!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Totally freaking get it. I took my own LDP question to coaching this past week and was like “I know I COULD pull of LIT but is that what I want?” What do I want? Where am I choosing from? What is my what for and what will most serve my big what for? I also want to go for PCC and would love to create a support structure in partnership in supporting getting there together. Hooray!

    I am so excited and empowered to choose ALL IN for LDP next year and will be applying as a PC2. My application will be turned in by Friday.

    I am bringing a lot of me to this thread and just blurting here slightly from my automatic. I just want to say that I feel compelled to share because we do not have to choose the harder “more difficult” thing for any reason at all. I thought I had to choose the more confronting thing in order to demonstrate that I am fully enrolled in AC and my life, it came from a place of proving. I am 100% willing to set that down in service of my own breakthroughs in self-enrollment, team, trust and following from a place of leader and heart. I am so thrilled to be a very empowered PC2 next year and am really, really stoked about the “finding your own voice and stepping into your power” elements of PC2. I can’t wait to see what the MOPA’s are.

    Yay, Hooray, JuSih! What a joy it is to know you!!!


    All my love;


     Juliana Sih

    Hey Team,

    So Jeff and T have pointed to not being enrolled in me playing LiT and I wanted to open the conversation. I have been thinking a lot about LiT over the weekend and realized I have not been enrolled in playing LiT. Last year I chose IN from a should or have to place. I relate to LiT as a hierarchical structure like a corporate job and LiT is just the next step for me to take. Yet I don’t feel super excited about it, its like the promotion I am avoiding. I finally got a sponsor but it took me about a year of being declared to do that. And I notice that I am not excited about taking on more in the AC space. Thinking about taking a pause from this process has me feel empowered. I see myself continuing in this program but not in an LiT format. Next year, I will apply for LDP PC2!

    The piece that I am committed to, which is what had me enrolled in declaring LiT was getting my PCC. I will work with Jeff to create a structure that has me working towards this weekly and consistently.

    I see this as a taking a step back, pause, and reconnecting to my what for in LiT. For the past year, I have not been enrolled in it and it feels out of integrity for me to act like I am all in, when I am not.

    What do you all hear? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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