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     Sabrina Pratt

    It’s pretty apparent that lots of things are currently being created via 1:1 conversations and then reported back to the team. Over the last few weeks I have had the sensation of “Our team says we create things in partnership but not this, this we are doing this way and will let you know how it’s going, if you’re needed, etc. We will report back.”

    And it lands like I’m just required to go along with it and not say anything.

    In service of T and her well being and support- I am curious to know if anyone has brought the conversation to her that she stay home from this next module? Being at module kicks my butt even when I’m fully sourced, healthy and feeling great.

    From leader, I want to bring that conversation to team. And I am also present to this sense like Kerry, Jeff, LKT and Brittany are forming like a fence around T. I guess T still communicates with JuSih & Nichole from what I can tell. I’m just noticing that I’m totally out of the conversation and don’t feel in partnership with team in regards to how it’s going with T. And I would love to create this differently and from a more powerful place.


    I think what I see are 2 separate – related – but separate conversations. There’s T and the support she needs and who we’re gonna be as team around it (and yea, I always appreciate the relationship element on the side of the trusting that I’m a hell yes to supporting the program but the “and LKT will be supporting Nancy” isn’t how I know any of us to do our work). I got into relationship with you, got complete, and all is well, but Jeff thanks for seeing that being the messenger of a conversation isn’t sufficient – or reflective of your greatness in leadership.

    Then there’s the wellbeing conversation. It’s cool because T’s body is being a demand that she look at her structures and create sufficient support to what she’s creating. Literally. So I love where you’re looking, Jeff. I also see you said “whoever wants to use it” and then reflected that no one used it. You’re funny.

    My hunch is you see something around an opportunity to support our own declarations for our next level with enhanced wellbeing (leader care check-list anyone?) and instead of enrolling us in sourcing ourselves you brought tennis coach score keeper (is that one of your SMs?) Willing to swing (ha, I’m funny too) again?

    Juliana – I see you putting in rigor. Was throwing in “that’s my experience of your post” at the end a sneaky rigor sabotage? =)

     Juliana Sih

    I notice these two sides of you Jeff in your leadership. Either you lean back and kinda let other people take the lead, or you are so “enrolled” that you just go into delegate, tell people what to do and get shit done mode. Do you see where I am looking?

    For the second part, I didn’t respond because the experience I had was, hey y’all, this is what I am doing, let me share, maybe you should do it too”. And then later in your speaking, “I would love to use this thread as accountability for myself and whosever wants to use it in how we will source our well-being now thru the module”. It wasn’t clear to me that you were asking anything of us. And there wasn’t enough questions in the post for me to think about it for myself or get behind. I would have loved some higher level conversation around what you see a breakthrough in well-being would look like for us, AC, our team, participants, etc.

    Thats my experience of this post. Who else has something?

     Jeff Miller

    Hey Juliana,

    Thanks for the reflection. My post had two intentions. First, to let the team know what is so with T and to let the team know that her participants will be cared for. And yes this was an update and it is funny that I didn’t notice the lack of enrollment. Kerry had a conversation with T and then gave me the what is so. Because I am always enrolled in supporting the participants and our team I didn’t even see the gap of enrollment with this. LKT pointed this out as while as I just told her that she is supporting Nancy. No enrollment and not even asking if she was willing. I see the top down in that for sure. Something for me to own in my automatic behavior that I need to watch. Simply because I am enrolled in something doesn’t mean others are enrolled as well. Also, my rules context showed up on the sly as well. Like I am a DLiT and so is LKT so this is our job. This is simply not true and caused me to enroll LKT and not even check in. Thanks for the reflection Juliana.

    The second intention of my post was to enroll the team in taking a look at our well-being and use this forum as a structure to play out loud about things we will be taking on for the upcoming module. I notice that Juliana didn’t address this, and nobody else responded. I am curious what’s up? In service of my leadership will you all take a look and let me know what has you not respond? It could be simply because the forum has been on steroids, or my post didn’t land, or something else. Thanks for taking a look for yourselves and in support of me and this team.

     Juliana Sih

    Jeff, is this you sharing or enrolling us in something? I can’t tell.

    This post lands as decisions on team are being made in silo. The experience I’m having is control and manage from the top down, especially around the participants. And I am not sure where that is coming from so I will take a look for myself. I might just be taking it personal that we didn’t have a team conversation around what we see for T and the participants.


     Jeff Miller

    Hey Team,

    I wanted to let everyone know that T will be off of the forum and not coaching until the module. I will be coaching and supporting Ryan Mac and LKT will be doing the same with Nancy. I see this as a big breakthrough for T to actually get what she needs and fully rest. It was so great to connect with T and see all of her humanity on loud speaker. I have so much love and admiration for everyone on this team and it is great being with someone with all their walls down. This for me, is something to model and is something I will take on in service of connection and intimacy. Anything you all see for yourselves?

    On a higher level, I see this as a reminder on how important our well-being is and just like money, who we be about it our peeps will be. For myself, I am not always reliable to put my well-being first and often times I will put other people’s wants and needs ahead of my own. Most of the time this is from my SM, and it is something I am working on. A big breakthrough for me in this category is to let people in more about what I am taking on with my well-being and to say no from an empowered place.

    I would love to use this thread as accountability for myself and whosever wants to use it in how we will source our well-being now thru the module. My normal pattern is to red line to the module and grind out the back half of the week after the module. This is not my commitment for myself or my community.

    Here is my plan:

    Before the module I will…

    • Continue to get my workouts in 5 days per week
    • Focus on being intentional with my food choices
    • Go to bed before 11pm each night
    • Pack for the module the day before and not the day off
    • Pack healthier snack options like nuts or bars

    During the module I will…

    • Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night
    • Take my breaks
    • Eat at least one salad a day
    • Be intentional about connected with team and bring my being
    • Connect with my family at least twice a day

    After the module I will…

    • Stop work on Friday at noon
    • Go to bed by 10pm Wed-Fri nights
    • Put a healthy snack in my car on my drive back to L.A.
    • Listen to a fun podcast on the way home
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