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     Juliana Sih

    Yes, possibility is alive! I am excited too 🙂 I host workshops fairly often and get really fueled by them and I see this being an extension of that.

    This is the program I am taking: https://simplygetclients.com/programs/speaking/


    Juliana, I love seeing all this new action you are in. It’s so exciting!!  I think you are going to get so much from the speaking gigs. What is the program called?

     Juliana Sih

    I realized that I have shared parts and pieces of what is happening with me with only a few people on team. So here is my full share!

    So on October 5th, Josh and I will be moving out of our place in SF. Earlier this month, Zack (our roommate), put in a 1 month notice to move down the street and live alone. Josh and I were in limbo for about a week whether we should stay in the city for another 6 months-1 year, or if we should take a road trip and figure out where we want to live next. After much contemplation, we chose the latter. So we will be moving out of SF and driving around the country staying with family. First stop is my mom in Hollister, then Josh dad in Arizona, Houston for my dad, South Carolina to see Josh mom, fly out to Brazil to see my family, back to Houston, and stay 3-4 weeks in Austin.

    I have recently started a new non-AC course for the next 3 months where I will be getting training and doing work to book free speaking gigs in front of my ideal client, and funnel attendees into my practice. I am so excited to do this and have been needing another “bootcamp” for my business. I see this shifting a lot in my business. Plus I love speaking, its a dream of mine to be a speaker on a stage, making a difference.

    I have also been looking at joining a BNI chapter. Britt and Jeff have really supported me to see the value here and I’ve been having a blast “shopping” around for groups to join. And I might have found one, but I will probably put a pause on choosing one since who knows where I will end up. I feel really good about the structures I added for my business. Its been a place I struggle with inconsistency and causes me a lot of suffering because of what I make it mean about me.

    I’ve decided to complete with my current coach (Kerry). We’ve had so many breakthroughs. and done so much work together. I’m excited to have her on my side as mentor/senior leader and for me to find another coach—to well, coach me and my projects.

    So all that to say that lots of things are happening and I wanted to keep everyone in the loop. You know its predictable for me to hide and not say anything. Everything that is currently happening has me laser focused with my time in a new way and I’m ready for all the breakthroughs and excited for this new chapter. And I am scared. I finally made some friends in SF who I love and hang out consistently and I am sad to leave them. I don’t know what living on the “road” is going to be like and I hope this won’t be a big distraction to my projects.

    Anyone else have some updates to share? Love you all!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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