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     Aarti Mallya

    Brittany I like what you put in about alignment an enrollment. I totally agree and with the trust that we not take advantage of doing this a lot.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey all– back and ready to respond!

    And I took some time to do so… here’s why. LKT when I read your post I was so incredibly taken out, for half a day. First, I was mad at myself for even being on forum, as that wasn’t my commitment. Second, it triggered a lot of my own stuff thats been coming up around AC. Then I think it also just really pissed me off 🙂

    At first I had to put my phone away and just try and breath, but I couldn’t get your words and what I was thinking out of my head. I then realized this was such a gift of Be With for me. My automatic is to need to fix and clean up immediately, which often times has me stop what I am doing and do whatever needs to be done for AC. I have a running practice each week with my coach if I did this or not. For the last 2 years my habit has been that no matter what I am doing if something AC arises- a text, email, call, etc- I drop everything and do that. That didn’t serve me at all (in the long run) though it did make me reliable as hell.

    Anywho, the post gave me the opportunity to challenge myself to sincerely let it go until my vacation was over. To be where I was knowing it was all okay, there was no one I needed to be, nothing I needed to say, until I returned. And to be honest I even pondered doing so at all- as it seemed like such a past based conversation. It was such a great lesson that nothing needs to be rushed, none of this is life or death, and its all good.

    So I am happy to share within a day I truly released it, and though I was so angry and upset for awhile, I came out the other side really calm and in love. Which was exactly what I needed– as it had sent me down a dark road of why am I even doing this, that for a few hours, and to be honest like a day, I got scared of. It broke my heart and made me really anxious to think what if I am done with this? But with time and patience, I got some great insight and breath.

    Back to your post and the questions:

    Regarding generating the teams full alignment- you are absolutely right, I did not take the time or effort to get everyone’s. And I see how this occurred in my vision of like top down leadership or something. Kerry Jeff and I had spoken about it multiple times on our calls, that I totally stopped there versus making sure everyone was fully in the know and getting alignment on Production/Co coaching. This is what I would except of anyone else, and I apologize for the breakdown that had me not create that as a team. Thanks so much for calling it out.

    Intention around enrollment: CORRECT! It was very much my intention not to bring this as enrollment but as asking for alignment. One of the things I have created with myself this year, is pausing before saying/writing something on forum, and looking at my intention and what I am training team in. What I was looking to create was a very simple shared and straight forward request of alignment. Here’s why- I have it that all of us are already completely enrolled in each others lives working out the way we deeply with them to. We want each other to have healthy relationships, bustling businesses, amazing travel/vacation, money, growth, etc. Thus, I have always felt enrolling each other in this seems a bit silly. We all want each other to have it all, so when an opportunity comes, asking for enrollment to take it seems unnecessary and odd. Where I see we need to create enrollment is when our commitments may be at seemingly odds. IE missing a weekend, going away for an extended period of time, not being able to coach our participants, etc. And not from Rule, but from us doing the work to see how this dual commitment is in service of what we are up to, and the current breakthroughs we are working on. I totally get that my view of alignment an enrollment might be different than some of you, and that might be a pretty cool conversation to have. Or maybe thats just me being a Semantics Nerd??

    It has been established both in the room and on calls that I am working on breakthroughs in well being, and partnership- i.e. not controlling and managing and really trusting that you all got it. That all being said, I saw this as an opportunity to ask for alignment inside of what you all are aware of and committed to me generating. I also so this as an opportunity to shift the context that vacations, missing calls, asking something of our team needing to be complicated and hard. I notice a theme of making things bigger than they are, or putting energy into the minute details, where we could be playing for something bigger.

    I do see how I could have made this more clear, and even what was possible by putting that on loud speaker, so I appreciate you giving me the opportunity to see that. Please let me know if there was anything unclear, or that I missed.

    LKT can you clear this up for me? Im actually not clear what it is you are pointing to here: “Simply tracking the posts on this thread, I notice that I would not be aligned if any one of us brought it the way you did, and I’m curious if you’re present to what you may have just trained us in.” And similar to what T brought, my experience of your relationship and stand for enrollment is that it be complicated and rigorous. Im curious what you see for yourself around this? And if you are aware you often send this message?

    Happy to be home and be with you all this week!



     Tiffany Turner

    LKT – I’ve been noodling on what hooks me about Enrollment with you, and I want to share what I see, out loud.

    I suspect I’ve put you on a pedestal when it comes to Enrollment, something like, “She’s been doing it years longer than me! With steeper gradient! She knows it, leads it, and does it right.” From this place, I’ve related to how you Be about enrollment, as a trainer for our teams, and this is what I’ve been trained in: Stand fiercely so as to Cause a breakthrough, don’t allow it to be easy/it has to be complicated, and find the gaps to support more/bigger breakthroughs.

    I’m not sure if those are things you wanted to train me in, so it’d be great to hear what you’re intending to model for us!

    I’m not aligned in enrollment having to be complicated and hard, and I’m not sure that that’s what you want or intend to bring either. Can we partner and create a team Being around enrollment that for reals supports and generates what we’re all up to?

     Tiffany Turner

    YES JEFF! Thanks for stepping forward inside our stand for you to Vacation, Rest, and next-level those same things with Steph. Excited to experience you on the other side of a vacation.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Juliana and Mike for your comments and stand. Steph is enrolled in creating vacations together without the kiddos. Here is what we have created so far:

    • 12 date activities for the year; we each take a post-it and write out 6 different date ideas for a total of 12. Each month we take on of the post-its off the wall and do that activity.
    • Weekly date nights
    • Weekly “state of the union” conversations where we actually talk about us and our relationship
    • A well-being plan for 2020. For me this is scheduling one massage per month for the entire year. This will be done by the end of the month. For Steph it will be a mixture or pedicures, massages, facials, etc…
    • Our first Vacay will be Feb.21-Feb.Feb.23. We will be going to Palm Springs and most likely staying at a wellness resort where we can relax and enjoy each other’s company. We are finalizing the details this week.
    • We will be in New Orleans for our Q3 trip and we will be adding 3 days to this trip to create some extra time in. I am going to a conference/board meetings but my schedule is flexible and I also see it as Steph having some alone time and potentially seeing some friends she has over there.
    • We will be competing our Q1 and Q4 trips by the end of the month. We have been enjoying this process and I am personally enjoying the partnership instead of just doing it and checking in afterwards.
     Juliana Sih

    I am so excited for you Brittany! Happy that you are spending time enjoying family and traveling. I know you to be a hard worker and its easy to forget about vacations.

    B, enrollment landed weird for me (still enrolled) but it felt like a statement…this is what I am doing, look at this great thing I created, be enrolled, ok thanks, bye! maybe its just me…

    Jeff, piggy backing vacation after conference seems like cheating :p Where are you thinking of going for your other trips? Share share!


     Aarti Mallya

    I just noticed and caught up on this whole thread. I’m good.

    Brittney it all sounds amazing and I’m very happy for you.

    Jeff for some reason I am curious if you and Steph are really in partnership around all the things with vacations or are you taking the lead and looking to say how it goes…?


    Thanks for fully owning this and checking in. I’m so sorry for my silence on this subject as I realize I have a unique contribution.

    Fully aligned on you being absent from calls this week. But not enrolled. And I get it was not your intention to enroll us in this part. Where the juicy enrollment comes in for me is around who you have been being overall, the results you’ve been generating for yourself and the team AND the commitment to wellbeing is enrolling as hell.

    I do have a few questions that I put in both from curiosity, B, as well as in service of training for the team, and then team – let me know what you hear…

    I notice half of our team’s voices are missing on this thread. Since your first post, have you created any conversations outside of the forum posts around generating our team’s full alignment?

    Was it your intention NOT to bring enrollment around your absences on the call? I know our team has a few different relationships to a teammate missing calls, and to bringing enrollment / owning presence and absence so will you share your intention?

    Simply tracking the posts on this thread, I notice that I would not be aligned if any one of us brought it the way you did, and I’m curious if you’re present to what you may have just trained us in.

    As for the 31st and 1st I have it there’s no enrollment/alignment needed, as they are a part of AC’s posted 5th week dates =)

    You will be missed and MAY YOU HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!



     Brittany Cotton

    Hi Team– wanted to touch base before I sign off for the next couple of days!

    As a reminder, and thanks for catching this originally Nichole 🙂 I will be not on  calls Tuesday or Wednesday. As we go up the coast for surf spots, my service will likely be shoddy, so I won’t be available much until Thursday. I will be coaching Valerie and Steve on Thursday, per our regularly scheduled calls. Steve’s first co coaching call is turned in, and Valerie has declared to have hers to me the first week of January. Valerie and her guest client Tiffany are coaching weekly, and Valerie’s request last week was “how do I coach someone with the same stuff as me.” It was a great conversation :e

    This morning we gave my dad his first surprise which were hats we had made. We walked into the lobby where we were meeting him, and it was so cute seeing him realized we were all wearing the same hat and then figuring out what they said. He started crying he was so happy. It was adorable. Cant wait to see his reaction tomorrow morning when we have our matching shirts on. My mom also got ALL of their friends and colleagues to send 1 min video messages celebrating him, so we have a 40 minute video compilation with music and pictures to surprise him with on Tuesday. Bah! I’m so excited!

    Hope everyone has a great week!e

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks for standing everyone. The New Orleans trip would be an extension to a conference I will be attending. I actually see this as a win win. I get to do my thing at the conference and I also get to have a vacation with Steph. She will also get to source herself and relax when I am at the conference. We will be extending by 3 days so that should make a nice and long trip.

    We are committed to scheduling 4 vacations total for 2020 and to have these scheduled on the calendar by December 31st. T, I will definitely reach out if and when I need support. Appreciate it.

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