Virtual Module July 11-14

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     Brittany Cotton

    Excuse me, I also spoke from automatic. July 18th-July 20th.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey All.

    PLEASE NOTE: The July Module is the 18th-21st****

     Sabrina Pratt

    I also see that we have both Final Oral Exams AND guest clients so there is going to be some maneuvering to be done with peeps so to keep our eye on this.

    AND- we will be right in the midst of registration for both San Diego Games so to keep our eye on workshop invites!!! I would also like to discuss at production the what for of not offering observation and perhaps generate enrollment for an observation to support reg games


    Hey Team! We have three Tuesdays between us and our next Virtual Module (4 weeks, and one is 5th week). Will you all bring what you see we need to have our eye on?

    I have:

    – Schedule: Start/End times, breaks and half-day breaks, lunches, etc.

    – Team communication: How we want to communicate around logistics and other fun playful connections.

    – Workshops (and info call on 7/7): What is our declaration for the workshop that will cause our reg declaration?

    – Energy Generation: Sourcing the Room and not sourcing the room

    – Accountabilities: Owning items with turn-around required (grading, scanning, etc.)

    What would you all add?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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