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     Charlie Horn

    What has become of partnering with Annie to align on timeline is generating the possibility in; integration (monthly’s module). Commitment, relationship, (our module)

    Annie showed up like a boss in her purpose of Illuminator and brought the possibility. I’m proud of myself for generating slowing down to step into relationship and my purpose of connection.

    Here is what we want to enroll everyone in. Being service, support, partnership, relationship, commitment, integration, breakthroughs, modeling to participants. Urgency. Taking action in the moment.

    To be of service to our teams in sourcing reg lunch timeline that has us all being there at the same time. Using part of reg lunch to break out and in a power hour type of intention make calls to source our workshops. Create time to make calls to source our workshops now and until reg lunch.

    Let’s model to the participants how we get it done with urgency, in the moment, from a place of what we are committed to (registration and filling the workshops in support of registration) let’s integrate some doing into our reg lunch while we are in the beings we generate so deeply for modules. Imagine the collective being of our teams being in relationship in service of following through on our commitments to workshop and reg. We see breakthroughs available from it all. My breakthrough for the weekend is in self love and monthly has similar breakthroughs on there team. Let’s model how to be in relationship with ourselves loving ourselves. Let’s be in relationship with our teams. Let’s  serve from generosity and give from abundance what we have in our beings by filling our workshops.

    Now the logistics. Monthly has there workshop at 1:30. Let’s look at supporting them and being of service by shifting our schedule as to have them be sourced for the workshop. Can we align on creating the shift in our timeline to be on reg lunch from 12:30 to 1:15?

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks T I would love to observe practice orals and be along for the experience. I would also love to give feedback And support whoever I am with. I’m not sure feedback is part of the deal and I can create it on my time as well. Thanks for thinking of me.

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Brittany,

    Jeff,  Are you aligned with setting up your zoom line for our lunch? Is there anything you need from me?

    For reg lunch monthly team needs our support to meet them at there schedule for reg lunch.
    Here is where they are at from Katherine’s text,

    Hi! We need to start reg lunch at noon and be done at 1:15. We need participants to be back at 1:15 for exam, and our team needs to be ready to run the workshop at 1:30. Can you all accommodate us?

    would it be simple and easy to shift assessments as a tool. Assessments and Barry demp to after lunch? I see that would have us right there with monthly on timeline.

     Tiffany Turner

    Hey All – apologies for my lag on practice orals. I actually didn’t highlight it on my end and forgot I had action to take there :/ So thanks for the prompt.

    As of right now, Kerry and Juliana are scheduled to be on their half day break Sunday afternoon. That leaves us with 6 Mentor Coaches to review live sessions. Can everyone align on not taking their 1 hour break during this time? It’ll be right after lunch on Sunday, around 2pm.

    Charlie, please share if you’d like to sit in on live observation of a participant for practice orals. If so I’ll pair you up with a MC, if not, I’m sure there will be other production-based things or a break you can take at that time 🙂

    Jeff, to confirm, we won’t be using our main Zoom line for break out rooms for this, the participants are being called forth to create their live practice spaces. So that should have you be available to listen live (otherwise you’d be tied up in being the administrator of the break out sessions).

    We have 3 participants who are declared to certify at graduation and are on track with the other cert requirements: Vicky, Bree, & Steve.

    We have 4 participants who are declared to certify at graduation and NOT on track with the other cert requirements: Sarah, Valerie, Nancy, Brittany K

    We have 6 participants who are declared to graduated and not certify: Jonathan, Lauren, Don, Ryan, Lesa, & Andrew.

    Based on the above, I’m making leader pairings that prioritize PCC/MCCs with Vicky, Bree, and Steve. With 7 MCs (not including Kerry) and 14 participants, I’m going to do my best to set up for each of us to review two sessions. It might not shake out like that, we’ll see, and that’s what I’ll play for!

    Am I missing anything?

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Charlie,

    You setting up a zoom line for our lunch time might be overkill on our number of zoom lines. We already have Jeff’s zoom line that we plan to use for morning clearing, completion, etc. So I suggest we use that for lunch as well, to not add one more extra line! 🙂

    Of course Reg Lunch will be a different ballgame!

    Thanks for having your eye on this!

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Jeff.
    I will set up a zoom link for our team lunch. I’m going to post that link in the timeline that has the other links. We can work out any breakout rooms if needed at the beginning of our lunch.

    I am in conversation with Katherine about reg lunch. We are going to use her zoom line. I will post it in the appropriate spot on the timeline by EOD today. Reg lunch is not flat and I will be in partnership with Katherine until it is. There timeline has them breaking at noon. She is talking to Cailin and will be getting back to me soon. I will have it flat by EOD today.

     Juliana Sih

    I think it might be helpful to let them know that the handouts are available.

    The other thing I see to add is enrolling them in being in a distraction free zone (as permitted) and on video!


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey T,

    Any update on structure for Practice Orals?

     Brittany Cotton

    Yup on the idea of getting it to to them prior to the module in case they want to print.

    I actually have a vision of us posting on forum tomorrow with a few things:

    1. the backgrounds T is making

    2. The ICF forms

    3. The link for where they will share their stand and breakthrough

    Anything else y’all see they would need before we start at 10 am?

     Jeff Miller

    I am aligned with using the PDF of the ICF forms and think having a hard copy for folks as an option prior is a great idea.

    Charlie, instead of asking us for logistical help, are you willing to put in a simplistic vision first? Then we can put in what we see. What I notice is that you ask for help and then mail in a couple of loose ideas. And I am over here like so what is happening then? As leader, are you willing to own it even if you don’t have all the logistical dots connected yet?

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