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     Juliana Sih

    Hey Team!

    Orin will be capturing our photos tomorrow. Below is our leadership team schedule.

    7-7:30: Charlie, Nichole, Juliana

    9-9:30: Sabrina, Jeff, Sabrina

    I will share the location on the groupme (and this schedule). Please have payment ready to give me before the start of module tomorrow.

    Sorry this is so logistical, me tired!

    See you tomorrow 🙂


     Juliana Sih

    Hey Team! Just wanted to give a  quick update around photographer.

    LKT and I have been in contact with Orin who is scouting locations for our wonderful essence headshots. “Good” news, the marathon has been cancelled so we will not have any parking/traffic issues. We will be having our shots taken Sunday morning. Below are the time slots for when your headshots will be taken. Several monthly people will be joining our shoot!

    7-7:30 7:30-8 8-8:30 8:30-9 9-9:30 9:30-10 10-10:30
    Sarah Vicky Lesa Andrew Michael M. Brittany
    Steve Nancy Jonathan Valerie Juliana Kerry?
    Lauren Bree Isaac Barbara Charlie Nichole
    Neal Fayzan Jeff Sabrina

    The location is still being scouted and I will update you all here when I know more.

    We are accepting CC and personal checks for $50. Please have those with you on Saturday.

    Let me know what questions you have, or if you see something for me 🙂


    Fun update! The San Diego 1/2 marathon is running across Harbor Island on Sunday morning. Juliana and I touched base with Orin today and all is moving forward beautifully, we are just securing the ideal spot for the photos so we don’t get a stampeed situation =D We’ll have an update for you tomorrow and intend to update the participant thread by EOD Wednesday. If any of your participants have questions this week about what to wear or where to go, or how to pay, please tell them we’ll have that info to to them by then.


    Thanks Nichole.

    I am holding space for all to be a Yes – and so please keep checking in with them – if they haven’t given a hard no – what do they need?

    Updates: Michael is supporting us from  monthly, and has up to 6 people on their team who will also be having headshots taken.

    We were initially thinking headshots would happen across from the Bay Tower in Harbor Island Park – but we’ve also just discovered the SD 1/2 marathon is running through Harbor Island on Sunday morning =) Juliana and I will have a clear vision to bring ya’ll around this by Tuesday production call!


    Jonathan and Lauren are both in, and excited.


    Hey Team – we have a breakdown in our commitment to providing the headshot opportunity to our participant team. 3 of 14 people have said yes to the opportunity, and I want to elicit the support of our team to go after their enrollment in getting headshots with the same care and commitment we brought to our people being paid up. In doing so we are demonstrating the power of standing for possibility – whatever it is about. The possibility of support structures that set them up for success. The possibility to close gaps in integrity.

    My request is that you each reach out to your participants tomorrow (Wednesday) WITH A PHONE CALL and create the possibility they see in having a headshot taken. Can anyone not align?

    Pro tip: It’s not just about the photo. Coach the objection. How is the objection they have about this opportunity the same one they have that’s in the way of their thriving relationships, time and money breakthroughs, joy, coaching practice, etc.? Have them say yes to this in service of next level yes to having it all.


    LKT and I chatted about posting on the participant forum thread. She wants us to take the conversation to our participants individually, but we do not need to post on the forum about it. With that said, since I know Orin and have had my photos taken by him before, I am going to share something about my What For in getting new headshots done by Orin on the participant forum post. I’ll do this Monday when more people are “on”.

    Just wanted to close the loop on that question. Thanks! Hope y’all are having a fantastic Saturday. I’m obviously working today. ?


    Yes! I’m so excited for this! Orin is waaay excited. Thanks for offering to support LKT, Juliana!

    LKT, remind me, please. In addition to checking in with our participants, did you want us to chime in on the post in the participant forum to get some activity and excitement around it there? I thought you said that, but now I’m wondering if I made that up.

     Jeff Miller

    I am enrolled in you owning photographer at the module Juliana. What I see here is you going out and then coming back in from a different place. It seems like you called yourself out for coming from obligation, thought about it, did the work, and came back in powerfully from a different being. This is awesome! Love the willingness and the efficiency in which you came back in. My one request is that own this and not do it all.


    Thanks Juliana,

    I can align on you being the one with the team behind you in you bringing ownership from a different place.

    heres why I know: you’re a declared leader and you’re working on bringing your voice and your full presence to wherever you show up. I have it you called yourself forth when you heard crickets on the team when I asked for whom it would be a breakthrough – and then I have it you noticed you volunteered with a flavor of your automatic. Thanks for not simply swinging the other way cause I could point to your saying “never mind” because Brittany offered it – which is also an automatic of yours. If you said yes from should and then no from should – please keep practicing your declarations being fueled by your commitments!

    I’m excited to talk with you later today. What else will team bring in support of JuSih’s next leadership breakthrough?

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