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    Also, Juliana, you will appreciate his Burning Man photos:


    I would like to enroll the team in selecting Orin Weintraub as our photographer. Yes, he can do amazing head shots. Booooorrrrriiiiiiiing. He’s so much more than that! He is a brilliant visionary who doesn’t spend much time in San Diego, as he travels the world to put himself in unusual situations to capture imagery that most people cannot even fathom. He is in town in March. He has confirmed his availability and desire to work with us. He needs a coach something fierce. He can’t get out of his own way in terms of creating a business from his work. He is uncomfortable with money and wishes it didn’t exist so he could just be an artist and have that be enough. I see so much for him and for us to collaborate together and learn from each other. He is seriously brilliant.

    You can see his work here:

    He did the photos for my website:

    I am also hiring him to do a Superhero photo shoot for Sash bag in the style of these Lucha Libre photos he took, which absolutely blow my mind:

    Also, he took this photo:

    I mean… Come ON!!

    If you don’t want a guy who can take a portrait of a squirrel to take a portrait of you, then I don’t know what to say about that. CHOOSE ORIN! ?

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     Jeff Miller

    LKT thanks for modeling awesome enrollment! I am so excited to generate this as a team and create abundance. Britt, love that option and enrolled in the possibility of Monique. I will add to our leads tab by February 6th.

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Charlie, Of course!

    I’m simply doing my part of sharing one option as requested from LKT, such that we have 10 viable leads by next week, generated by all of us. 🙂

    I see how my excitement to enroll you in her as an option may have come across as me saying she had to be it. No no, Im simply bringing excitement and passion into my enrollment of her as an option 🙂 Practicing these enrollment skills yo

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks for your vision and enrollment LKT. I am aligned in bringing a qualified photographer to the table.

    Brittany, Would you be willing to take a look at other photographers in service of creating abundance? What I have come to know is opportunity and breakthrough are generated from a fully developed, abundant list of people to choose from. Also will you all leave a couple notes in the spreadsheet about who is vetted and meets our COS so our work is tracked for next years team to have access to.

     Brittany Cotton

    I would like to enroll you all in using empowering Monique Hoppe as our photographer! This is something I have been talking about with her for over a year 🙂

    Monique is warmth, bubbles, play, and badassery. She is originally from Germany, moved to NY for her graphic design career, and as a hobby began taking photos. She quickly realized the eye she had for it, and quit her job to become a full time artist. She doesn’t do weddings or events, she is purely committed to being with someone in so much relationship and partnership that she can see who they truly are and provide images that remind people of their essence, their power, their beauty. That being said, her biggest passion is working with pregnant women. She is all about the essence of creating Life. She is best known for her fine art- so what I mean by that is her shoots aren’t just wam bam thank you mam smile. No no. They create a whole world/vision/image  typically mystical, fantastical, bold.

    All that, AND she’s super enrolled in AC. She’s been to observation, and almost registered for monthly but her husband got freaked out. I am committed to her doing this work, and so is she. Its just a matter of when. So I see her being the one being not just great for our peeps getting photos of their true essence, but for our city in terms of enrollment and registration.

    Here is her website

    LETS PICK HER LETS PICK HER! By the way she is already a yes, and has us penciled in, incase we choose her!



     Brittany Cotton


    What that is about is if we wanted the photographer to come into the room and shoot some stuff during the module. I have never seen a team do this, but I know its something people used to enroll their team in sometimes. It was a great way to get media for AC, the website, etc. So that CoS if you want the photographer to do more than just headshots of individuals is we have to get photo release documents signed by all in the room, in case  AC ever wants to use the photos.


    Thanks T – yes. Done. It’s the last tab in our spreadsheet which I copy here for convenience

    Please everyone start populating in here and don’t wait til we remind you on Tuesday! =)


    Yes. The CoS you sent says “(get photo releases from all)” I need the training on this cuz I don’t actually know if this is AC generated or the photographer does it. So disregard “signed by leaders” and replace with “signed by all” – and then let’s get clear on what this actually is =)


     Tiffany Turner

    Aligned, and I request that we empower the accountabilities spreadsheet to track who we’re reaching out to, so that we don’t reach out to the same folks multiple times.

    LKT, can you create a tracking system in our accountabilities spreadsheet by EOD Monday so that we can use it to support the 2/6 declaration?

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