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     Jeff Miller

    Thank you LKT and Brittany for modeling having the conversation! I love how you each lead with the ability to be straight forward and from heart. Team, this is such an opportunity that we all get to choose. We have such a great combination of leaders on our team and I am standing for all of us to be able to call each other out. And at the same time use the experiences to have connection, intimacy and love for each other and what we want to create.

    Thanks again Leaders for modeling this!


    I’m so sorry it landed slimy over there, and thanks for letting me know <3 Yes, it was not my intention at all, but I also realize my intention wasn’t clear. I know you to be reliable to bring your leadership breakthroughs in this program to your life and your personal relationship and project breakthroughs to this work – what you share with me always reminds me how they’re mutually reinforcing. So it was a nod to the opportunity of you (and all of us in our partnerships) practicing trust and partnership with Charlie too. Let me know what you need if anything beyond the apology and clarity of intention.

    I agree that being our word to the participants is paramount and totally where our commitment lies – I fully support that, and I was mostly referencing Sabrina’s comments to places that still say 18/19 kicking around in the binder (since you and I talked about that) and her request for support. Let’s create the both/and. Let’s be responsive and quick with especially the things that are participant-facing – and – will you call me into it?

    And future forward, let’s have the conversation about all the things you have to give me that seems like I will be annoyed or taken out by? I totally have a history of saying yes before owning my games, but I don’t want to simply create the opposite of that because that’s just different content inside of the same scarcity context.

    The support I need is a second pair of eyes – or maybe a “for real?” check in when I say yes or tell you “by today” – I am so committed to creating room for all my games, and my commitment is to tell you, but we know my sneaky SM will show up too. I’m so grateful for this loudspeaker and team conversation.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks LKT!

    Yes!! I will absolutely delegate and ask that people take their questions and requests of support around accountabilities/production to you, in service of your leadership here.

    I notice I have so much to give you that it seems like you will be annoyed or taken out, OR not focus on your business etc (similar to what Kerry was pointing to during the module about you always saying yes, versus focusing on you and your games first). I will put my meaning aside and trust that when its too much or you are tired of hearing from me– you will tell me 🙂


    I am all for breakdowns that will cause leadership, and team, etc. AND I’m also stuck being our word to our participants, and creating action from our commitment to them and this being the worlds finest coach training program. I say this mostly as an inquiry and request for support around where to look or what others see. for example my initial reaction is like well we said the affiliate site would be up and they could get what they need, so why wouldn’t I do the quick thing that could get them that, versus sitting back being not sure with time difference how long it will take you, when you will see, etc  and not doing anything till you know about it. This is definitely where I can use some support, cause my brain is like DO the thing that you know you can, such that we can be our word to our participants. And I totally see the describe/manage and wanting it to be just right for them etc which gets in the way of gold/ breakthroughs, yada yada 🙂 so something for me to work on in leaning back. And also something to look at in our partnership. The place I get stopped is this: I’m all for breakdowns AND why have unnecessary ones when we don’t need to, when we know there will tons of big ones to learn from. I don’t have the answer to that, and I don’t think there necessarily is one. Just something I am looking at.

    Lastly, I got a bit taken out by your last line, “if not for me than for your man.” It felt like a dig, and made me feel a little slimed. I trust that wasn’t your intention but wanted to put it on loudspeaker.

    Love you. Your demand is accepted and honored 🙂



    JuSih, it looks like you decided to post MoPAs. Thanks.

    Hey Britt – how’s it going with taking a look at how we can source / support you (per Nichole’s beautiful MP message)? I’m just now seeing this exchange and while I truly – TRULY – appreciate how you are 3 steps ahead of all of it, and always willing to support and provide training, as owner of accountabilities and production overall, I am requesting some partnership in a) backing off aka delegating 🙂 and b) directing people who want to take ownership and get the training to me.

    You and I spoke about the binder before and during the weekend. Your modeling of leadership and unconditional yes is super powerful, and my request – from standing for my own leadership development – is that you support me to cause my leadership by slowing down and redirecting your focus, when it comes to production things to me – “hey LKT, can you get with Sabrina?” or “yo LKT, what has you not owning the binder like we talked about?” <– lol, I’ll love you for that one =)

    I told T that to be enrolled in her returning to team I needed her to redirect her powerful control+manage muscle to support me in my breakthrough in ownership of the program in my area of accountabilities (versus going to you from being enrolled in my circumstances vs. my greatness).

    It would be faster not to – for her, for you and in this case for Sabs. It may even mean fewer oversights, but it’s my demand that you partner with me per your declaration and in service of your breakthroughs in trust and partnership. You reminded us recently – and brilliantly, that we are in the business of breakdowns. So in service of all of our next level, will you support me this way and maybe even allow a production breakdown in service of our leadership?

    If not for me, do it for your man. XO

     Juliana Sih

    Should I hold off on posting the MoPAs until the 19/20 is corrected? Let me know.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Sabs!

    Happy to speak with you regards to outdated stuff. We know the Binder definitely needs some love.

    Thanks for uploading the buddies! Ill reach out tomorrow to support as there are a few pieces that aren’t quite right that are an easy fix so it says Buddies 19/20, etc.

    Also I see the participant forum isn’t up, I reached out to the office and asked that they get this up TODAY



     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I just posted the new buddies AND I noticed that there are many places on this forum that still say 18/19 and have outdated information. I erased our buddies from last year but I wasn’t able to quickly see how to change the 18/19 stuff (I might not have access to it).

    I also want to say that I noticed there are quite a few outdated docs still kicking around in the binders and things.

    So, I want to bring this to the team’s attention so we can keep our eyes on it and make sure we get that taken care of asap. I am happy to learn more always so if someone is down to partner and/or lend me some training/insight then I’d be happy to get in there and update what needs updating. I also want to fully own that I have exasperated many an intern/assistant/my web designer so I also might not be the best choice for website maintenance. Not trying to dump this on anyone- just noticed a thing and providing the whole picture!

    Thanks and have a great one!

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