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    T, of course. I would be happy to. I’m glad you’re connecting to your What For. You sound excited! That makes me excited! xo

     Tiffany Turner

    Since my last post, I’ve taken a coaching request around this to my coach, and I’ve connected with Charlie and Sabrina.

    I created my BIG LIFE WHAT FOR!

    It’s Release.

    I can see how sooooo much of my breakthroughs and commitments all sit inside of release. Release of judgements, release of complicating, release of emotion, release of things, release of money. The list goes on.

    What becomes available for me now is a different place to choose from. When I look at opportunities, possibilities, and commitments, I now have a new filter of my Larger What For, to choose from! SO EXCITING!

    This is what I see is next: I need to get complete on AC. I need to release what I’m making it mean to leave AC as a structure, and I need to release what I’m making it mean if I stay in AC as a structure. From that complete place, I look forward to creating a huge vision of possibility and looking at whether the possibility of AC aligns and supports my life commitments, or not.

    Nichole and Juliana, will you two support me in the possibility conversation? I’ll bring it to you on the other side of completion 🙂

     Juliana Sih

    Thanks for sharing your process T. Looking forward to connecting 🙂

     Tiffany Turner

    I just had a great support call with LKT and I got some really great new awareness from it:

    • I’ve always related to AC as a short term, 1 year, commitment. I wonder what’s available for me to relate to AC like my well being – always a commitment, and always in process?  > something for me to continue to explore
    • I also learned that I’m not here for the entirety of AC, I’ve actually opted in to just the things I want. And if I look at what I’ve fully empowered – forum, modules, my leadership – I’ve created huge breakthroughs for myself. Then when I look at the things I haven’t empowered, but I’m doing because they’re a part of the commitment – coaching participants, reg – I’m not actually making a difference. I don’t think I’ve made a difference for any participant I’ve coached through AC (I know that’s harsh, but I’m looking from a place of my full power, and I’ve not brought that AT ALL).

    As I continue my convos with team, I’m excited to look at why I’d make an open-ended commitment, like my well being, and what for empower EVERY PART of this program/work.

    Reaching out to more of you to schedule times, and will continue to play out loud here <3

     Tiffany Turner

    Team –

    In my weekly completion call with Jeff this week, he offered me a completely new vantage point to creating my completion or continued commitment with AC.

    I can see how the access I’ve gained to Free Floating – which looks like me being empowered in a commitment, and being in action towards it, without clear measurables – has been powerful new access, but also keeping me from declaring things like my breakthroughs and What Fors.

    In service of playing out loud, I would like team to know that I’m reaching out to all 8 of you, plus leaders on 3 other teams, to get support around my What For, and my near vision (1 year out). I have it that my new way of being in Free Float, has me not wanting to declare or make commitments after September, so as to protect the unknown chapter of parenthood that I’ll be in. And who knows, there could be all sorts of possibility I’m missing in playing my Protection game. So I’ll ask that you all be real direct and straight with me about what you see for me, and invite me to do my work to get clear on my own vision, with the reflections you gift me 🙂

    So far I’ve spoken to Jeff, Kerry, and Britt. And I’ll be in touch about scheduling with the rest of team this week.

    Anyone who’s unclear on their own commitment with AC past this year, I’ll invite you to create structures to choose now, as Module 5 is when we will ask our participants to choose, and there’s an opportunity for us to do our work now, so as to be a clearing for them in a few weeks time.

    Love you all,


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