What is AC's response to COVID-19?

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    Thanks, Kerry! That’s my trained public relations ear. Haha.

     Kerry Zurier

    From my understanding, they received a negative result.  I will confirm that as soon as I can.


    Thanks, Kerry. I have a clarifying question: “The participant was tested and has not tested positive.” Does this mean the test was negative or they haven’t received the results yet?

     Kerry Zurier

    Just posted this in the participant forum….

    Dear Team,

    Today a third update was sent from our beloved Christopher McAuliffe, Founder and CEO of Accomplishment Coaching regarding the current Covid-19 pandemic.

    In case you have not received it, I will copy and paste it below my message.

    And, I wanted to reach out to you with some additional information.

    As you can imagine, the need and integrity of keeping the participants name confidential is paramount.  That being said, since the email mentions a San Diego program, I wanted to assure you that:

    *  At this time, there are no known cases of Covid-19 withing the Accomplishment Coaching Community.

    • The participant was tested and has not tested positive, nor have they experienced any symptoms.
    • Their contact with the person who tested positive was minimal.
    • As soon as the participant was made aware that they had been around someone who had tested positive, they informed their AC participant team and the AC leader team of that program.
    • In an abundance of caution, the participant is currently self-quarantined and following all the guidelines of the CDC.

    Please know that we are focused on the health, safety and well-being of everyone associated with Accomplishment Coaching.  Please continue to get supported, reach out to each other, reach out to your coaches, reach out….(virtually of course!!!!)

    We are committed to continuously updating you in the days and weeks ahead as we navigate this changing situation together.

    With tons of love and many virtual hugs,


    Accomplishment Coaching COVID-19 Update #3
    March 23, 2020
    Dear Beloved Accomplishment Coaching Community,

    We are committed to communicating with you in the spirit of our vision: The Greatness of Human Beings Unleashed, Power and Possibility for All.

    With that in mind, we have the following updates for you.

    A.) <u>Office Staff</u> –

    All of our office staff in San Diego, California are now working from home. We have daily contact with both office locations, as well as banking, mail and package delivery.  Currently, all Accomplishment Coaching operations are normal, and all national and regional orders and guidelines are being followed.

    B.) <u>Coaches’ Training Program Operations</u> –

    <u>March, 2020:</u>

    • One of our Coaches’ Training Programs was postponed in March – the New York Intensive Coaches Training Program will meet for their graduation module in a future month.
    • Our second-weekend programs (San Diego, Chicago, and San Diego Intensive) were a hybrid of in-person and online distance training.
    • This last weekend we had our first-ever completely Online Distance Learning Coaches Training Programs.  My gratitude to the leaders of these programs as they worked diligently to provide an excellent experience for all of our participants.
      • Online Distance Learning programs were held for: New York Summer, New York Winter and the very first weekend of our Victoria, BC program.

    For <u>APRIL</u><u>, 2020:</u>

    • All Coaches’ Training Programs will meet.  All will meet through Online Distance Learning technology.
    • The start of our scheduled New York Intensive format Coaches Training Program has been postponed.

    C.) <u>Covid-19 Exposure</u> –

    As of this writing on March 20, 2020, we are aware of only two known possible exposure incidents.

    One of the participants in one of our San Diego Coach Training Programs, and a part-time employee in our Pacific Beach, San Diego office have each separately confirmed that they were in contact with someone who has since tested positive for the virus.

    Please know that at this time, there are no known cases of Covid-19 withing the Accomplishment Coaching Community.

    It is also important to know that:

    • Our participant has not tested positive, nor have they experienced any symptoms.
    • Our employee is home and self quarantined, for at least 14 days or until symptoms appear or they are diagnosed.
    • In both cases, the participant and the employee informed us immediately upon being aware of their exposure.

    Please know that our primary focus is on the health, safety, and well-being of everyone associated with Accomplishment Coaching.

    Below are the re-iterations of what we’ve said before, but they bear repeating:

    <u>Sanitary Precautions</u>

    The most effective way to stay healthy and minimize the spread of infectious disease is for every person to follow basic health best practices:

    • Enforcing great hygiene, like washing hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds and covering up coughs/sneezes
    • Avoid touching one’s mouth, nose, eyes or face
    • Ensuring all program leaders, leadership development team members,  staff, and participants stay at home until fully recovered if feeling ill (minimum 24 hours fever-free)
    • Practicing social distancing: consider remaining 6 feet apart from others, avoid shaking hands, and avoid hugging and other close contact when we greet and take leave.

    <u>Links to Consult</u>

    Helpful links to consult that has been shared in previous communications:

    • California Department of Public Health
    • Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
    • World Health Organization (WHO)
    • Worldometers

    As stated, we are committed to providing you with clear, timely information. I will provide another update next week, or on any change in our plans or information.

    If you would like to discuss our approach or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact a Program Leader, or me.

    In times like this, we are truly grateful for the strength and togetherness of our community.

    With love and gratitude,

    Christopher McAuliffe, MCC – Founder and CEO

    Accomplishment Coaching

     Sabrina Pratt

    I’m nervous and scared. My Dad hits all the check marks for being a person at highest risk. He is living with me now and for the foreseeable future. He’s an alcoholic and he drinks and smokes a lot. He has early onset dementia. He barely eats. I have been living with the notion that my Dad might die alone in his house in Fresno and no one know for a while. Now I am living with the notion that he might die in my home. It’s just a really freaky and real thing for me.

    We are super quarantined over here. My Dad is the only person I have been in direct physical contact with since I got back from module. And we are sharing a house. The person on monthly who brought up the concern is someone I spoke to in the lobby for a little bit on Sunday. So, I directly have concern there.

    Outside of that- I have been perceiving the silence from AC leadership/delayed rate of response to be avoidance and hesitation out of fear. That doesn’t seem like very powerful or decisive leadership. I am not open to any reflections regarding this post. Team’s “reflections” often land like uninformed, condescending judgements and I have no capacity to entertain those at this time. I am very incomplete and I’m holding a lot on team and on AC. I’m frustrated. I’m fed up. I would love to get complete and I need support in doing that. I also may need to get supported from someone not on our team because I don’t want to stir anything more up with our team.




    Also, thank you for the update that communication will be going out. That’s great news!


    Thank you, Kerry. I do know that we are all on the same team and we need each other. For sure, for sure, for sure!! I brought this conversation with a desire to be involved in it. I have to be honest that while I do know that we are all AC and we are on the same team, the hierarchy of the leadership has me not knowing how to respond sometimes. There are conversations happening in silos and some of us being left in the dark. Team conversations around these issues would be really helpful and appreciated.

    I want to give you one example of what has me feeling this way. On Saturday when JuSih stood up to address the observation guests, she introduced herself as a leader and you interrupted her and spoke over her, “Did you get promoted?” It was jarring and felt unnecessary and kind of awkward. She quickly corrected herself but I could tell it shook her a little. And to everyone else who was present, would that have mattered? What was that about? We do refer to ourselves collectively as a leadership team, but there seem to be some unspoken rules within the team about how each of us ranks and what we’re allowed to do/say. Can we put those unspoken rules on loudspeaker?

    I don’t mean to convolute the issue and stack complaints on top. I hope you know I’m coming from a place of wanting to understand and just noticing things that don’t make sense to me, and this has been bothering me since Saturday and only now just popped back in my mind as I think about our team dynamic. Thanks for your input and continued leadership through this crazy time. We love and appreciate you very much!!

     Kerry Zurier

    Hello All,

    I’ve been supporting Brittany and Jeff in this conversation in my commitment to their leadership.

    And, I am stepping in now to enroll/re-enroll  you in our work.

    We are all on each other’s side.

    We are all in this together.

    And, we are all doing the best job that we know how to do.

    Please continue to get supported.  Please continue to do our work and get CPR…complete, present and responsible.

    Please remember that we are all Accomplishment Coaching.

    There is a communication from AC that will come out very soon….likely by Monday.  I am committed to that and in process with Christopher to ensure that a communication comes out.

    What I am noticing (and we distinguished during the module) is that this time of extreme stress, however people typically react is  literally magnified exponentially.  I get it, we are all scared. We are all living moment by moment.  We are all dealing with the unknown in a way that has never been dealt with before.

    I choose to remember that we all love each other and need each other.  And, that we all want the best for each other.

    I love you all.  We will not only get through this, we will all be better in the long run for this.

    And, when we can’t be in that place, we need each other to remind each other of that.

    When I am taken out, you will not be.  And, vice versa.

    We are leaders, we are coaches, we are the future.

    Please know that, because Melanie as a representative from monthly said a communication would be going out, I will ensure a communication goes out.  We are on it.

    With love and a stand,



     Sabrina Pratt

    I wish I knew what was said in the 1:1 phone call with Nichole. She’s not the only one worried or concerned or frustrated that we were re-assured there would be more communication from AC and then there wasn’t. I also have people I am close to who I feel like I’m keeping a weird secret from now.

    And when I brought it up during completion Monday it was stepped over. I was told we were fine because they didn’t come to reg lunch. And in my head I was like “the rest of their freaking team did.” And here it is being stepped over again.

    I can’t even read or hear most of what Jeff & Britt wrote because I’m starting to get so pissed about what’s up. I’ve got lots of feelings and apparently they’re all bubbling up right here.

    Higher level leadership indeed. What’s up? Is AC going to communicate with our participant team or shall I just higher level leadership myself directly to my friends that I registered?

    Definitely need support on getting complete. Also just need some things directly addressed.


    As the situation unfolded it was shared that the person who had been exposed to COVID-19 hadn’t been to reg lunch, and likely hadn’t interacted with anyone from our team.

    This has me think that you (or AC or whoever) are uninformed on how this virus spreads. If Person (can we just say who it is?) was exposed to the virus and then he hugs Jocelyn, and then Jocelyn went to my house and hung out with my brother (which all happened, by the way), that is something that Ryan should know–and I should know! And if it weren’t for the fact that we were all in the room when Mel came in, I now have doubts that AC would have informed me. And Jocelyn, Ryan, and myself are not the only people who co-mingled that weekend.

    I don’t really have a relationship with Christopher, so it didn’t occur to me to go straight to him. But I’m happy to do that after I get complete. I honestly don’t know how much involvement he has in this or any decisions that are made with our team. I am a little in the dark there.

    Regarding this statement:

    Which had me read this through multiple times thinking “is Nichole going to know I love her, and that my stand is that she break up this pattern AND get her needs met AND be heard, and that she will know I agree a lot too, and that I wont upset anyone?”

    Britt, please know that I totally get it and I know you are here to help me step up my leadership. I love and appreciate you and all of your bold reflections SO MUCH. So, thank you. Even when I’m cranky, I totally know that you are coming from the place that is going to serve me best.

    I will zoom out and come back in.


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