What is your "What For?"

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     Kerry Zurier

    Hi All,

    Thanks for being in this conversation.

    Just a reminder, none of this is the truth or mandatory.  You do not need a breakdown to have a breakthrough.  However, there is an opportunity to generate/distinguish a breakthrough in every breakdown.

    Likewise, you don’t need a big “What For.”  That is not the right place to come from nor the one thing that makes all the difference.  It is a call forward.  When empowered, it gives us a guiding star, a place to locate ourselves that is bigger than our stuff.  You don’t have to verbalize it.  My assertion is that we all have one and that distinguishing what it is gives us freedom to be who we are.

    And, this is an awesome convo to take to your coaches.

    Thanks and love,



    Sabs, I would love to support you in this!! Connecting to my what for has helped me so much the past week to feel not only re-presenced to why I’m here, but invigorated. What really helped was hearing from team what they see for me. That was powerful. If you’re game, I’d love to share what I see for you. Either here or over the phone or during module. Whatever you think. Let me know!

     Sabrina Pratt

    Thanks for starting this thread, Jeff. This has consumed so much of my brain and heart space over the last few weeks.

    I don’t know what my big What For is with AC. And I wish I did. I didn’t particularly have a big What For throughout my participant year and that caused a lot of suffering and I see it showing up again here. I just kinda joined AC because Shawna said it would be good and God told me to, then God told me not to quit, then God told me to be a program coach and so I did and I did again and now I am. But, I am not present to my bigger what for. And it gets me. Not having one makes me a super easy target to take out and creates a lot of suffering.

    Team, please support me in getting clear around my big what for in being a part of this leadership team! I could use a coaching call or 9 around this very thang.

    Thank you!


     Tiffany Turner

    Charlie I’m so present to your shift in leadership. Thanks for doing the work you’re doing to bring your voice to forum in this new way. It’s powerful, and oh so good to be with!

    Yes, of course, I’m happy to anchor to Love as my What For, if I lose sight of my commitment.


    Charlie, it’s really impact. When I take myself out of it and look at the impact I can have on the world by taking care of myself and leaning into leadership, that is more important to me than any bullshit I’ll invent in my head to take me away from what matters.

     Charlie Horn

    T, I also saw your what for as Love. I am clear that you have so thoroughly integrated love into your life that you don’t have to distinguish it as your big what for because you have so much access to it. If and when the door were to start to close to love, would you be willing to take a look at it as a guiding light?

    Jeff, thanks for your demand and your stand. You are a big inspiration for me. You are a high achiever making it all look simple easy and most importantly FUN. Your being is squeaky clean all the time. I can’t wait to have a reflection for you that will add value to your life.


    I am so enrolled in you as President. Im going to knock on doors when you run. Other than looking hot while you are leading the nation and the world to utopian peacefulness, is there something else that you see for you that has you self enrolled in coming back in when the going gets tough?


    Thanks for this post, Jeff!

    I recently downloaded Noom. It’s a weight loss app. I want to lose 40 pounds. This is part of my wellness project that I am working on. Aaaand, by the way, I have lost 6.4 pounds so far! Whoop!! But anyway… One of the things they have to do is define your YBG (Your Big Goal). It’s supposed to be something you see for yourself in sticking with the journey. I must have put in ten different things before I landed on the right one. Because when you put it in, it’s like, “Are you sure??” and gives these scenarios that would have you taken off course, and asks, “Is your goal big enough to withstand that?” And if the answer is no, go back.

    The thing that I finally landed on was being President of the United States. That’s literally what I have in my profile as my YBG. That vision of myself is the only thing that I can see having me put down any sort of self-sabotage. That was about two weeks ago. Then Monday when I was with Brittany, she commented that she wants to see me run for President of the United States and be someone who’s so enrolling that people will go out and knock on doors to make sure everyone knows.


    That’s my What For. Maybe it’s not actually President. Maybe it is. I don’t know. But it’s something. It’s taking a concept as big as World Peace and saying, “Yeah, we’re going to create that together,” and being willing to step into leadership around it; the smallest and biggest stages of leadership. And looking hot while doing it. ?

     Jeff Miller

    Hey T,

    Thanks for your post. With all the love in my heart I call bullshit. You said you are “not connecting to need a what for.” But your last paragraph actually describes a what for. IT IS LOVE! Self-love, growth, being challenged is what I got from your share. And I am not attached to you or anyone else “needing” a what for. What I notice about this work and specifically this structure is people lose focus on why they are here. It is clear you know why you are here and that is awesome. You can call it whatever you would like (a what for or simply wanting to be here), either way is great. To put it another way, if I asked you why would you marry Jack or have children, you would give me a what for, what those things would give you. When raising kids will be challenging or when you have a fight with Jack (not sure this happens every =)), your reasons why, AKA a what for will keep you working together and leaning in.

    I love you and I love this team. And I will continue to stand for all of us to continue to play out loud and get what we came her for and more.


     Tiffany Turner

    You know, at risk of upsetting the highly sensitive Jeff Meatball Miller, I’m not connected to needing a What For.

    I notice that What For’s is a place we often come back to, and ever since my India trip (or maybe completion around my India trip), I’ve busted up two things: that breakthroughs require breakdowns – I think that happens a lot, but isn’t a rule – and that we need a What For to pull us forward.

    I simply want to be here. I love what I get out of this work. I love you guys. I love Ryan Mac and Nancy challenge me. I love how y’all challenge me. I love that I get to challenge all of you. And I have this deep inner knowing that the more I allow myself to get from coaching and AC, the more delicious my life can be.

     Juliana Sih

    Yes I have more. Here is my “what for” with AC:

    -Be on a team

    -Get support from the best coaches

    -Be in a community of coaches and people who are up to similar things

    -Surround myself with people who will hold me to a high standard and call me out

    -Have a structure big enough to overcome my resistance and break up my SM

    -Improve my coaching and leadership skills

    -Support me in having a full practice and a thriving business

    -Create impact

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