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    Thanks, Jeff! And thanks for the chat this week.

     Jeff Miller

    Thanks Nichole. Thank you for playing out loud, doing the work and re-enrolling yourself in what is possible if we lean in.


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     Tiffany Turner

    So good to have you back from this empowered place. I’m about to bring you some heat, girl. Get ready to get ALL THAT STUFF you just listed! <3


    Man, has this week been juicy! Thank you all SO MUCH for taking the time to connect with me. Here’s where I’m at and what I see for myself…

    My breakthrough for this year is Being. Being ungettable. Being enrolling. Being impactful.

    If I don’t show up powerfully in my being, I want to be called out. No more of this attitude. No more complaint. I have drawn a line in the sand and I’m not going back to a place of looking for what’s not working and being at effect of time. Here are some of the facts that had me at effect:

    • Noah’s dad moved to Los Angeles. So I have no co-parent for Noah any longer. It’s been a couple months now of me having to be everything for Noah. Before, his dad worked from home and was very helpful with picking up from school, taking to ortho, etc. when I couldn’t do it. That responsibility is entirely on me now.

    • Ryan moved away. I’m so happy for him that he’s making more money and able to stay in AC. And it affects me not having him here to pick up the slack of what my mom is not able to get to due to her physical limitations. So my cooking/cleaning/laundry duties have just increased.

    • As you know, we are hiring a new CEO for lash.live and entering a $1M capital raise. This is a lot of work, but also going to position the company to not rely on me. I will shift to the spokesperson for the company and no longer running the day-to-day once we get this in place. Meetings with Scott are going well and there’s a follow-up on Monday.

    • I’m currently working to get an angel line of credit in place for Sash to begin rolling production. This will decrease the cash flow swings that now have me managing cash daily and making decisions daily about budget and production. Rolling production with a built-in LOC will stabilize the company and allow for me to finally take a much-needed step back. I am presenting to four investors next Thursday on this.

    • I am organizing a very large event on May 30th, 2020, called the Function Show. This was a little thing I dreamed up a couple years ago and it’s coming up quickly! It’s a functional fashion show that is being hosted by Nina Garcia (judge from Project Runway and Creative Director of Elle Magazine) and myself. We will be conducting a panel around a runway show that features functional designs, including the Sash bag. This is such a big opportunity for me to co-host a 1,500-person event with Nina Garcia and build a relationship with her, not to mention the potential press opportunity for Sash. This event is being put on by Sash, including all of the marketing, ticket sales, etc. I am hiring an event production company for the actual production of the event, but it is going to be about $500K to pay them and I have to bring that in through sponsorship dollars over the next 4-6 weeks to cover the cost of the show. So there’s that! ?

    • I made a commitment to write my book this year. I have a big opportunity to launch it during the Function Show and do a book signing along side Nina Garcia if I can have it done by May 30th. On one hand, don’t want to rush it. But man, that would be amazing timing! So I’m shooting for that.

    • And I have this commitment to AC and all of you. This is equally important to me. I lost my vision of that momentarily in my overwhelm. I want to share more about that and the chaos that I have been living in (and the breakthroughs I have had around it) in another post. But here is more about my commitment to all of you…

    MY COMMITMENT TO THE WORLD PEACE TEAM (Yes, that is our name if I have anything to say about it).

    Show up powerfully and make an impact.
    Something that I noticed in how I was showing up is that I was doing the bare minimum to stay qualified and make sure things were getting done. Outside of that, any conversations, especially if I came from obligation, had me multi-tasking, half listening, and just being a body/face on a screen. My commitment is to speak up more, and lead. I may not be able to be on every single call if something comes up. And so what? It won’t matter because when I am here, I am so here. I am sourced and sourcing the team so much — enough for five calls in one.

    Lead more.
    I am committed to leading more in the room and allowing myself to be uncomfortable, get it wrong, and at least try. I want to build a muscle in putting in what I see for participants in the room and offer to lead more tools. This is a huge growth edge for me and I’m going to bring it.

    Be in my being.
    No more sulking if something annoys me. No judgement. No complaint. I will put in what I see for sure. But I will do it from complete and from my essence. My being will be as on fire as it was the first module where I hadn’t talked myself out of everything.

    Complete my projects designs.
    While my project designs are incomplete, my what fors are all over the place. I’ve been saying that everything is in integrity, but I suppose that’s not true if I’m not utilizing one of the most important tools of our work: Project Designs. I will get those complete, empowered, and update them weekly.

    Allowing Lesa and Ryan to flourish. See also: make the most of outside of the room time!
    I know that Ryan wants me in the room less. Lesa may as well. This is one of the things that had me feeling out. Because I want them to have the program for them. And I also felt like, if I’m not in the room, then I’m wasting my time. Wrong! I want to utilize the time outside of the room to be sourcing my projects, such as writing my book. What a great opportunity to write! I’ll be in my being, so super sourced by being with team… The magic will pour out onto the screen. I can see it now!

    Thanks again, team, for the opportunity to be where I was at, sitting in impossibility, and for supporting me in getting back to being, back to what for, and back in team. I am so down to continue this journey with y’all. Please let me know if you see anything else for me, if you have questions, or if you need anything at all from me around any of this.



    Edited to add a mockup of my book cover. This is a placeholder photo. I’m going to have Orin take a new one!

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     Tiffany Turner

    Thanks for bringing this!

    and thanks for asking for what you need. Though you were missed on team calls, I was glad to know you were powerfully creating the next chapter of lash.live.

    looking forward to what comes of the rest of your team convos!


    Thanks, B! I will post another update in the payments forum.

    I don’t think I need any support with Lauren or Jonathan right now.

    Jonathan is crushing it with his business launch from an ontological perspective and I am just on the edge of my seat over here hoping the sign-ups come through so he can get caught up with AC and have the money breakthrough he is after. He has become so reliable to be in his being on our calls and notice what takes him out and brings him back in his day-to-day life. Jonathan declared one submitted recorded call this week and one next week so that he’s caught up on two by module.

    Lauren is doing great but I am starting to notice a pattern of her bringing “safe” coaching requests and staying in her comfort zone and in right/wrong context. I don’t think I need any support with that, though. I’m going to talk to her about it. I need to check with her on her second recorded call, as well.

    As for me, everything is in integrity. I’m going to record both Jonathan and Lauren’s calls this week so I can submit one for feedback and also have the other one available in case anyone wants to hear and give me additional feedback.

     Brittany Cotton

    Thanks Nichole for getting the partnership and connection you need. I really really acknowledge your willingness to have it go different, and be in the conversation with team. I am aligned in you missing calls today, and would simply like to know what’s your update on Jonathan, Lauren’s March 1st payment, and if there is anything you would like us to bring to co coaching around your peeps?

    I know there are more conversations to be had around your what for, what you are committed to breaking up, etc. and I’m wondering what next steps are there for us to support you.

    Love, B


    Hey team! Thanks for getting me on y’alls calendars this week to have chats (just missing Mike right now, buddy). Yesterday I met with Brittany for coffee (tea for her) and talked to Sabs, Charlie, and T on the phone. After a few conversations and some more thinking, I want to share where I’m at and why I set up these calls (for those I haven’t spoken to yet who might be wondering), and I also have a request for today.

    I set up the calls because I was considering myself declaring out of the program, wanting the next module to be my last. (See previous post about overwhelm.) I sort of figured that getting connected with the team would have me seeing things differently, which is why I wanted those one-on-one conversations and not a forum discussion. I am on the computer all day every day. All. Day. Every. Day. I needed that connection. So I am going to continue with the conversations, but please know that as of now, I am not out. I just needed to reconnect to my why and what I want to get out of this year, which I got supported in. And there’s still more work for me to do to continue to define and refine it, and I will share it all here and on the rest of my calls and see what else y’all see for me.

    Thanks for your time and care and grace.

    As for today, I have a request to not be on team calls. LKT, I have not had a chance to listen to your recorded call and I would like to give you feedback at another time.

    As part of getting a new CEO in place for lash.live I have a really important meeting at 1:00 with Scott Crossin, who is very seriously considering coming on board. You can see who he is here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottcrossin/

    Yeah, former Vice President of QVC, y’all. If we can get him on board, it will not only take a lot of pressure off me, but will also position us to raise our next round of capital in which we are seeking $1M in angel funds. It’s a pretty big deal and I am nowhere near done with my presentation that I’m giving at 1:00 that will likely stretch into 2:00. I need to focus on this today. I will check in on the notes from production, and I posted an update on the accountant enrollment post. Anything else y’all need from me today?

    I look forward to continuing to connect with you all one-on-one and share what I’ve discovered about my breakthrough in this experience. For now… Off to build my Powerpoint!! Wish me luck! xoxo

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