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     Aarti Mallya

    Lol T., no, have already moved pretty fast…But I do love her and totally fell she is the one.

     Tiffany Turner


    Are you going to propose? Because I’ve always wanted to plan a proposal…just throwing it out there. Gotta speak and be known, right?

     Aarti Mallya

    Love this, Amazing, Amazing, Amazing Wins.

    One big recent win I have is me and Sophia book a trip to Costa Rica. Between May and July Modules. We booked our airbnb’s as well for 1 on one side of the island for one month and 1 on the other side of the island for one month.

     Sabrina Pratt

    Loving these wins!!!

    Jeff- I have been praying for you and Steph. When you all go to Solvang ya may wanna spin by the ostrich farm. You get to feed them out of a dustpan duct taped to a broom and it’s pretty spectacular.

    ALSO- if you feel like driving another 40mins. to a comedy show that’s an option 🙂

    T.- I LOVE it. Congratulations!!! And, keep on keeping on- 29 questions is a game changer. I’ve actually taken it on around my own relationship with coaching. PHEW. I keep going back in because there’s so. much.

    Who has some more amazing WINS?!

     Tiffany Turner

    I’ve been trying to get pregnant for 6 months and now I am, so that’s a pretty amazing win. And the month that I got pregnant, there was an ontological shift in Letting Go. I didn’t take my temp, I didn’t track my ovulation. So releasing my controls got to be part of the win 🙂

    I also just got home from a workshop I led at a shared workspace in Oakland. I was originally scheduled in June or July of last year. There was a volunteer running the Skill Share program, which is what I was signed up to lead. There was mishap after mishap in the scheduling, and I just finally delivered. There were 2 participants, and they both requested that I do another skill share, and they both requested sample sessions.

    In other win related news, I’m like, 1/3 complete about how business has gone for me! WAHOO! I’m doing 29 questions, and there’s some deep threads that are showing up, and in seeing those I feel more clear what there is to take on to create what’s next. I don’t know that I’ve been in consistent proactive action like this in a long time. (and to be clear, I intend to do the full 29 questions, I just ran out of allotted time this morning!)

    Who else has some wins?

     Jeff Miller

    So awesome Sabrina! I know you will have a great time tonight and tomorrow night. I love how much you celebrate life and bringing real causes to the forefront!

    Win for me coming up in 2 weeks Steph and I will be going on our first vacay of the year with no kiddos. Heading up to Solvang and I am not planning anything. I usually am the planning guy on vacations and have everything figured out. I figure they have wine and walkability and that is all we need.

    Also I am hosting my first board meeting for the United States Professional Tennis Association So Cal Chapter as the new President. It is rare that they have someone not currently full-time in tennis be President and I am exciting to create a new culture for the group. This is my 5th year serving on the board and I am very excited to the possibility of some of these tennis coaches stepping into becoming coaches in life and potentially doing the program.

    That is all for now. Who is next?

     Sabrina Pratt

    Journey of Hope flyer attached here 🙂

     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Team!

    I am present to some wins that we may be scooting over here and there so I wanted to create a thread specifically for sharing our wins so we can celebrate as a team!

    Charlie, I noticed on your check in that you are now at 2 full pay clients!!! WOOOO!!! WIN!

    T- you got hired again a few weeks ago and casually slid that announcement into the conversation. WIN!!! YAY!!!

    LKT- you have been creating MAD business breakthroughs AND relationship breakthroughs. WIN WIN!!!


    I also have a win to share and I am very excited about it but, for some reason haven’t shared it! I kinda wanted to on the reg call today but I didn’t…eep. SO here it is!

    I am speaking at a major event here in SLO tonight. There will be over 1,000 people present! I am the emcee. And I will be sharing my own personal story of mental illness to wellness.

    It is a FREE event! We are hosting a comedian from America’s Got Talent- his name is Adam Grabowski and he shares comedy with a message about speaking up and raising awareness for/generating connection to combat the stigmas associated with mental health. I am so thrilled to share this stage with this activist (and you betcha we will have some kind of a possibility convo. in the green room!) for 2 nights! The event is tonight in Pismo Beach and tomorrow night in Paso Robles.

    My company and my personal self are really passionate about advocating for mental wellbeing in youth, particularly in the LGBTQIA community- this event is a HUGE opportunity for my community, for me, for my business- it’s just a big, big deal. I am so honored to be hired to speak and present and so excited about it! Can you tell?!

    I even attached a flyer.

    Ok- YAY!!! Go LIFE!!!

    Who is next?! We have so much to celebrate!!! I would love to hear more!!!


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