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    So Ashaad is Mason (goes by his last name, so you can align declarations with actual registrations) and Tyler is my client who is veeeerrrrry hot to becoming a coach.

     Juliana Sih

    I reached out to Kirby and Catherine and haven’t heard back. I talked to Robin about the workshop and sent her the information + sign up. She is interested and will follow-up. I called Jonas but have not had a conversation with him. I will send him the info and have a follow-up call.

    I declare inviting 10 more people to the workshop!

    Who else?


     Tiffany Turner

    I have a list of 13 people who I’ve been reaching out to one by one about workshop. My friend Liz was committed and then backed out. Same with Drew who was committed to last modules workshop, said he’d register for July, and now he has a conflict because he didn’t register and put it on his calendar…


    I still have 9 people to reach out to and have been at effect of time and pace to create it! My commitment is still to put 4 people into this weekend’s workshops!

     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Charlie

    I am so sorry I missed responding to your last message. I would say we are definitely still buzzer ringing, but I think we do have more people registered now, on the Thursday before, than we have all year. So thats exciting!

    Current numbers:

    Saturday Workshop: Ashaad (LKT)

    Monday Workshop: Peishan Tyler Chou (?), Lei Wang (?), Marissa (Nichole), Kara (Nichole)

    I am still declaring 2 total for the weekend! Who else??

     Charlie Horn


    where are we each at with workshop registrations?
    will you check in here with who you have and who you need support with.

     Charlie Horn

    Thanks Sabrina for asking, I am in need of support around this. I don’t see what would have us not doing workshop in the historical same day and time slots. does anyone see what would have us changing?

    Here is what I got from production on who has who for workshop. Will you all add or correct as needed.

    Nichole- Kara, Marissa, Leslie

    LKT- Mason

    Juliana- Robin, Catherine, Kirby

    Charlie- Dino, Shane and 2 more

    Will you all also update where you are enrolling people to the info call?

    T, your brilliant, thanks for volunteering to create those buddies across teams.  Will you reach out to Michael and get his enrollment?

    I am also remembering Andrew is participant team leader for workshop. who will post on the participant forum about the info call in support of workshop registrations?

    Brittany, how did it go with the buzzer ringing? are we in the familiar cycle? either way this workshop is going to be generating more than it has been.

    Julianna, right now my leadership growth edge is to just do it. With Lillian here and all the other circumstances happening. without having to get it right and without hiding.



     Sabrina Pratt

    Hi Charlie- will you please share dates and times for the workshops for this coming module? I want to invite people and I notice that I am unclear what dates and times are. Also- are people signing up via the website? I assume yes. Once I have the exact dates and times for the workshops I will confirm with my people by sending them the information. Thank you!

     Jeff Miller

    I totally agree. Playing consistently is empowering and playing from scarcity is not. I will have 2 people into the workshop by Sunday.

     Sabrina Pratt

    YES!!! Let’s start registering peeps NOW! I have 1 for workshop by 7/1/20 and 1 more by 7/15/20.


    who else?!

     Juliana Sih

    Aligned Charlie. I am curious what your leadership growth edge is that you are leaning into. Will you share? And how can we support other than registering people? Who do you need us to be?

    In terms of the actual workshop, I declare registering 3 people and I’d like to start playing now, because I am reliable to default to playing a week before.

    Sabs and I just got certified (wahoo!) in the workshop so I would love to lead or co-lead.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 17 total)
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