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     Aarti Mallya

    Nichole I love this and I’m totally in for that. I’m starting to love marketing and am still very challenged with it. Working on my speaking and branding with my speaking and branding coaches has been very difficult but as I keep moving forward I’m seeing the light. It gives me a sense purpose, power, possibility, and direction. So I have something I can follow and run with. I feel more confident like I have a better idea of knowing what I am doing.


    Britt, thanks for your reflections and questions because it reminded me a lot of stuff I left out that will help complete the vision.

    When I talk about marketing leads, that’s what they are. Leads. Not registrations, but leads. That’s what we’re talking about in building our pipelines are leads. This would be a top funnel lead. There would still be enrollment to do with these folks to have them register which, for some of us, would be exercising a new muscle and who knows what breakthroughs would be possible there.

    Speaking of breakthroughs, I would also love to experience the unknown (to us) breakthroughs of having a full program. What breakthroughs would we create in needing to source and support 24 participants? And create a meditation for that many people and organize reg lunch for 50 people? We don’t even know what’s on the other side of having 10-15 participants.

    It sounds like you’re suggesting that I rely on money and popularity to register people. Fair enough! To clarify one thing: I have a standing offer at Sash that employees who are interested in the program can have sash pay half the tuition. This is for a few reasons. I want everyone to experience the transformation of the program and have it be within reach, but not free. I also don’t want them stressed and feeling like they have to get a second job to pay for it. I have helped out Lesa a little more because she doesn’t make as much money as some of the other employees. Why? Because she hasn’t asked!! I have given her raises over the years but she’s never actually asked for one. I would pay her more but it’s actually cheaper to pay her tuition because we save money in payroll taxes.

    With all of that said, this doesn’t apply to Ryan. He is not a permanent employee and he is actually going back to his old job so he can make more money to afford the program. I’m not going to pay for it for him. As much as I love that dude! He’s totally capable and he’s getting after it.

    As for Valerie, Kim, Leslie, Lisane, and some of the other prospects I have for registration, yeah, they are super interested because I told them how great it is and they believe me.

    Why do you think it is that I have such a strong community that will jump if I say jump? I’ve enrolled them in me and in my journey. This started as a community of strangers. Do you know there are over 7,000 people in my private FB group? I don’t know all those people “in real life”. In fact I probably only know about 500 of them personally. But yeah, they will jump if I say jump. I raised $1.2M on kickstarter in 30 days from a group of strangers. Because I’ve already done the work of building the thing that so many people, including people on this team, want to build. So yeah, been there done that, and YES I’m also interested in a next level of breakthroughs.

    I feel this is starting to get into convincing, and that is not my intention. But I wanted to respond to the points you made, which were good ones and I’m glad you went there.


    I’m curious what the current marketing efforts are because I don’t see anything on social media. I know for a fact several people in this team would have massive breakthroughs by showing up more visibly on social media. I don’t want to name names or anything, but some of y’all are scared of it!

    My vision is a social media takeover. There would be breakthroughs in getting everybody who is resistant to it out of their comfort zone behind the screen and out in front having conversations and sharing about the program while learning valuable skills that they can apply to their own practice.

    My flight is about to land and I’m going to be entering two days of Tradeshow madness. So I will come back later for more and will also wait for more feedback.

    T, Jeff, and Charlie, thanks for your enrollment and feedback. Either way, I’m down to shake things up with this team and look forward to it in partnership with you.

    Typed this on my phone in the plane. There may be typos.

     Brittany Cotton

    Oh I know what I forgot!

    I love your vision of what you asked us to imagine, but something was missing for me. And that is the insane breakthroughs people have when they don’t get to hide behind marketing. Im all for it, and thats not what this business is built on. YES we need to figure how to have a both and, but if we focused so heavily on marketing simply to fill seats, we would rob our teams of so many breakthroughs.

    Its no accident that the people who have great reg history, have bustling bad ass businesses. There is something so powerful in this. I remember the first time I registered someone in the program, she was in Tiffany/Juliana’s participant year, and I did it completely myself. And I thought holy shit, if I can enroll someone in 18,000 for the year, I can totally get clients at 600, 700, 800, etc.

    Now that might be your story, but I notice its missing from your vision. So thats kind of what I meant by the both/and.


     Brittany Cotton

    Hey Nichole,

    Thanks so much for bringing a new and really cool conversation. I really acknowledge what it takes to bring this, and your willingness to put in a lot of work and energy into getting butts in seats. That is so clear to me!

    I read your post last night and took some time to think about what I had to bring, and so if I miss something in my response, please let me know and I apologize.

    I hear all of it. The frustration, the burden, the vision, the unnecessary breakdowns. I also hear complaints, either/or, and this is the way.

    What I have:

    – I agree with T, if you are producing results, and you don’t need this structure to practice your enrollment skills and register people- by all means don’t come. However, what I am present to is that there may be more room for breakthrough in enrollment and registration, outside of the current way its gone for you. Now if I am off base or wrong in my data, please correct me, but I am under the impression that the registrations you have created were people whom you either financially supported,  or hold you in such high esteem you saying you should do this has them do it. And look that’s amazing, but I’m interested in your next level of enrollment and registration that is outside of that. People fucking love you, and know how successful you are, so you simply saying Jump, will have them consider jumping. The thing is, in politics and your vision of your leadership in the future, you will need to enroll people outside of them knowing you and trusting you personally, it will need to be strangers, etc. And I know you have created that in Sash community, but my suspicion is a political campaign is a bigger enrollment. And being that I would want you in the highest of offices, I want your enrollment skills to be above and beyond.

    SO– I request that you look at what next level of enrollment/registration there is for you to have on this team. Regardless or not if you are on the calls. AND f you are practicing enrollment and registering people outside of how its gone in the past, i.e. having breakthroughs, I’m totally enrolled in you not needing this specific structure). But if not, there may be something here for you to look at again.

    I love what you have for marketing, and yes there are teams and conversations happening like this all over the company. So your voice is totally welcome and needed, and not alone. Would you actually be willing to bring what you see, and enroll us in it? Cause I fully trust your marketing skills. The thing I notice about this though is that it occurs like an either/or. Whats the both and? Where people can get marketing train AND have a structure to support their enrollment skills. Enrollment happens in marketing, it also happens in conversation, both are skills. How might we utilize the two together, such that people aren’t simply relying on one- which seems to be what you might be pointing to here.

    AND now now now! What can you create here and now that would have you registering people from this vision?? Cause thats super enrolling, versus something down the line. It seems you see whats possible and are stopped at Permission and Burden.

    And that being said, if you were outside of a permission conversation, would the calls still be a burden?

    Thats what I have for now as my client is calling, will come back for more if things percolate more!!

    Love, B

     Tiffany Turner

    Nichole – the most enrolling thing in reg, is results.

    If you’re willing to declare registrations, and create them, and miss out on reg, I’m actually totally enrolled and aligned in that.

    I see the intention of the reg call, as getting people in action, and as a structure to produce their results. If  you can produce results without the reg call, please go be your bad ass self and do it!

    If I didn’t have to show up to reg, I wouldn’t produce results or breakthroughs for myself, so I’m clear that for me (and I believe most people) reg calls and emails are an important structure to keep us in action.

    I can certainly see how there’s other things available for you in staying on reg emails/calls, but I’m actually aligned in reinventing reg, because it’s a place where a lot of people are in cycles of disempowerment, and we’re not producing the desired result. So yes, please shake things up, create new structures, and let’s fill our programs. Lead us, leader!

     Charlie Horn


    I can relate to this through my lens of not intending to create a coaching business. From there I have many internal conversations around enrollment in AC and what’s in it for me. I am consistently looking over the fence at the green grass of more time and more money from going back to working how I used to. I keep landing on relationship as my priority and the possibilities of time and money from becoming expert in relationship. For me I Can get to the point of seeing the opportunity cost of time and money I’m spending on coaching are worth having the relationship breakthrough.

    I would be all about being on a marketing call with you. I mean you could create a program just about that and sell it. I am enrolled in your vision of creating an abundance of leads that would have a trickle down affect of filling coaching practices and programs. For me personally I have already had a breakthrough from the 30 day video challenge you invited me to do. Let’s make that part of the program!!!
    You are a marketing genius and expert to me to say the least. If I could download 10% of what you have I would see gains in other areas of my businesses. It would be so much fun to integrate coaching and my other businesses through a marketing call. Hat a great structure to generate breakthroughs in self esteem/ self worth, time and money, simple and easy,

    you have mentioned this a couple of times and I’m so excited to be with your enrollment. If world peace is happening the catalyst of AC ontology and Nichole McDonald marketing intercepting each other is the foundation.

    if it isn’t clear already, I’m enrolled.

     Jeff Miller

    Thank you Nichole for always bringing THE REAL! While I am not enrolled (and don’t necessarily need me to be) in you missing Reg, I am very intrigued by your Marketing Team Vision. Sounds freaking amazing.

    Here is the thing. My coach, Mr. Mark Hunter invented this Reg Game, and not a week goes by that I don’t give him some sort of crap for it. BUT, just like everything else there are breakthroughs available if we so choose. And trust me, I get all of the competing commitments and there does come a point where you may have to make some difficult choices. And I have been looking at this for myself for a while. What I see is a possibility for you to create a both/and. Like a Reg 2.o that sill has you involved. Maybe, your presence could impact others so much that it actually starts to create world peace simply by being on the Reg calls. We actually have no idea.

    Either way I am fascinated by how your mind works, and I would love to hear what the rest of the team has to say as well.


    I want to start this by getting out of the way that there are some circumstances involved. I’ll spare you the details of the circumstances, but it’s causing me to evaluate all areas of my life to determine what stays, what goes, and what shifts to make to have everything work harmoniously. It’s no fair looking at the rest of the areas of my life (Sash business, tech startup, political aspirations, time with my family) and not look at AC. I have to look here as well.

    Confession: Right now I’m viewing program coaching as “one and done”. It doesn’t feel like it’s integrating well into my life and I can’t see it being something that will work long term. And the main reason is because I’m not trying to be a full time coach! If I was, then the structures that are in place would be serving me. But as someone who is “tolerating” the structures as part of an expectation that I will participate, it creates breakdown in my commitment.

    To speak more frankly about that, our agreement as program coach says that we will participate on the reg team for the program that we are participating in. It says nothing (and there was no agreement or enrollment) about NY intensive or SD monthly. Now, I can see how, for someone who is building a full time coaching practice, those structures would be empowering. To me, they are a time suck. I didn’t agree to it. I don’t need and never asked for those types of structures. I come because I’m expected to. I don’t need them to register people, personally. <— Disempowerment City!!

    I also have (surprise, surprise) all sorts of complaints about how ineffective I think the reg game is and how doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is going to make everyone eventually go crazy. <— Yes, I hear the words that are coming out of my mouth, but stay with me.

    So this is all the stuff swirling my mind and why I was feeling incomplete and in breakdown. What I needed wasn’t just completion, it was inspiration. For that, I needed space. That’s just how it works for me. When I remove myself from the thing that is not working for me, I’m able to get elevation and see it in another way.

    I wanted to think of a structure that would have me excited about getting on a call. Something that had me viewing a second year of program coaching as a possibility. Nay – an opportunity!! From a team perspective, I wouldn’t choose any other people. I’m so enrolled in each of you and all of us together. But I need something different for me to be excited about showing up despite my circumstances. And here’s what I got!..

    I see an opportunity to create a new team for AC that will create breakthroughs all over the place. It’s a Marketing Team.


    Imagine if reg calls weren’t just about looking at your own life and your own contacts to squeeze the last bits of potential breakthroughs that you can get out of those peeps. What if they were also doling out names from reg leads that were generated through online marketing?

    Imagine having a weekly 30 minute call where you can create breakthroughs in marketing. Where you can get supported in your marketing stops/starts/needs/breakdowns similarly to how you would on a reg call?

    Imagine having an entirely new way to connect with your team and access potential clients and reg leads while simultaneously learning about marketing techniques and best practices.

    Imagine having 24 butts in seats because we’re attacking reg from multiple angles and getting more people on the World Peace Team, and other AC teams around the country?

    Imagine having so many leads that we’re actually vetting who is best for the program. And that’s a new part of the reg call! Like… What the heck do we do with all of these leads?

    Imagine AC having a powerful online presence that is sourced by the leaders and engages with people all over the world.

    What I see in this for team is breakthroughs in client game, reg game, money, possibility. What I see in this for myself is leading something that I’m really passionate about (and frankly quite good at) that has me training leaders in this (versus my first idea, which was to pitch to AC to hire me for marketing).

    I would like to align the team in the objective: 24 BUTTS IN SEATS.

    With this objective in mind, what are the different ways we could achieve this? I say diversifying our approach and creating some really powerful marketing engagement is a great way to go. I see a huge breakthrough for myself in being the one to create this, as it will have me in more action around AC than I am now, which feels both impossible and exciting.

    I have some ideas on how to create this, what it looks like, and the logistics around it. But I’ll wait and share the details after I get some feedback on the enrollment. What do you all think?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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