1. Get complete regarding the final exam. We recommend within 24 hours.
  2. With your coach, review the evaluation of your oral exam (coaching sessions with exam clients). Do the work to get complete again!
  3. Take on being complete prior to next weekend. Do the Completion Exercise, and whatever else it takes to come to the final CTP weekend complete.
  4. Create with your coach structures for the fulfillment of all of your projects by the next training weekend and create new ones beyond the end of the program
  5. Create a visual display for your promises: Guests, clients, MoPAs, registrations, projects, etc.
  6. Make a list of what you have been unwilling to shift this year (i.e. putting you in danger of “surviving” this program) and share it with your coach.
  7. Create, in writing, your commitment to how you want to complete your program. Notice your “automatic way” of doing completion. Choose and practice being responsible for when you are aligned with your commitment and when you are being automatic.
  8. Attend at least two networking events as Coach and Leader. Give and get cards. Follow up. Ask for referrals.
  9. Give outrageous support to all coaches to keep their promises for their minimum number of clients by the next training weekend.
  10. Choose an area of life that you are not integrating and practice integration.
  11. Do and Be whatever it takes to fulfill your team MoPA promise this month.
  12. Fully acknowledge one person as a practice, daily.
  13. When you notice you are “off,” stop the action and clear/regroup/BUFCA/or any intentional action to get back to being.
  14. Attend a discussion with your CTP team about the books and movies assigned.
  15. Required Reading: Masterful Coaching by Robert Hargrove. Recommended: Coaching for Leadership: How the World’s Greatest Coaches Help Leaders Learn by Marshall Goldsmith.
  16. Required Viewing: “Big Fish” and “Life Is Beautiful.”
  17. Invite and confirm your guest for the Completion Evening. Choose someone whom you would like to acknowledge for supporting you during this program. (Gentle reminder: Accomplishment Coaching will be paying for your meal only. You will be responsible for paying for your guest.)
  18. Spend time with a child. Play their way. Notice your experience and limitations of joy.
  19. OPTIONAL: If you are interested in being a Program Coach in the next CTP program and have not already done so, please send your completed application to your Leader In Training and copy [email protected]
  20. OPTIONAL: This week, take the actions you created at the Reg Team lunch to produce your declared breakthrough in registration. Be unreasonable!


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