Certification Overview

As early as possible in your program ·        Discuss your intention to be certified concurrent with graduation with your mentor coach

·        Review certification application; get clear on all requirements; get all your questions answered

·        Put together a project design for certification


1)     6 PCC/MCC Observed Sessions Ongoing throughout year


Complete all 6 sessions prior to end of Weekend 10 (include list on completed application)

·        Keep copies of all your completed ICF evaluation sheets (5 page versions or 2 page versions) for practice coaching in the room, co-coaching calls, guest client coaching, exams, etc

·        Build on the feedback in your coaching sessions and practice the core competencies

2)     100 Coaching Hours

(Max 20hrs Pro-bono)

(8 different clients total)

All year


Complete by Weekend 12

·        Get written agreements with all paid or pro-bono clients;

·        Get permission to share clients’ contact information with AC and/or the ICF

·         Log all coaching hours


3)     Complete Certification Application Submit completed application and payment by Weekend 10 ·        Review application early in your program and put in place structures necessary to complete all requirements


4)     Final Oral Exam


Achieve Avg Score of 7 on the ICF Core Competencies rating sheet on one of 2 final oral exams

Final Exam – Weekend 11


Practice coaching throughout the year

·        Practice listening to and evaluating your own coaching according to the ICF  core competencies

·        Consider enrolling or hiring a PCC or MCC coach to evaluate your coaching and provide feedback in addition to your 4 required recorded sessions to assess your gaps to obtaining a score of 7 on the final exam

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