Transformation Defined

Transformation is not to be confused with change. Transformation is occasional and fleeting unless practiced and generated.


The dictionary defines:

Change as a substitute, a replacement, an alteration. It is incremental and knowable.

Transformation is changing the very form or nature of something. It is discontinuous and unknowable. It is a breakthrough.


As an ontological coach, we work in the realm of transformation.

Here are some examples:

 Distinguishing Self from Survival Mechanism.

 Allowing Essence as the source of life. Designing from there.

 Allowing Survival Mechanism.

 Including all of who we are and are not.

 Being with what is so.

 Being responsible for all of it.

 Creating fun, satisfaction, and power.

 Noticing Being in self and others.

 Practicing service and acknowledgment.

 Noticing/allowing love.

This then is transformation. A lifetime of practice will have us able to be with more and more, but never all of life. Remember, mastery is a fantasy and a life from Essence is a journey, not a destination. Whatever you can be with today, consider risking that tomorrow. This way, there is always a new “thing” to be with. You can’t be dominated by anything you can be with. That is the practice of life, noticing what you can’t be with and choosing to be with it or not.

Near death experiences can be transformational. But some people go right back to how they were living before the accident happened. So, what is transformational for one person isn’t necessarily that way for another. The Being of a human being shifts when transformation occurs. If the person is mostly the same with some new ideas or actions, they may have been changed, but they are not transformed. Transformed people often emit the power of the shift. People notice a significant shift in how the person is Being.

The person must experience something outside their current reality or context for transformation to take place. It will be a fundamental shift and will significantly increase the amount of powerful actions and possibility the person has access to. The content of the person’s life will change almost over night. Relationships that have been one way for years will burst into a new and unknown place of possibility. The person will move with new velocity and power. There will be a sense of purpose and direction. There is an openness and direct quality that we all long for.

There are no permanent fixes or guarantees. Transformation can be diluted and turned into change. Our Survival Mechanism can co-opt transformation and use it to shield and protect us. Yesterday’s breakthrough can be turned into tomorrow’s strategy. It can be used as a weapon against the untransformed. Right after transformation has occurred, the Survival Mechanism leaps in and begins to divide and separate. “We got more transformation than they did. Our transformation is better than theirs. Transformation is better than everything else,” etc., etc.

So all there is to do is notice it, share it, and practice it. It is not right to be transformed. Possibility is infinite, so wherever you are, there is always going to be something to transform. The planet is full of people with limited self-awareness and insight. We notice life is a lot more fun and there is a level of vitality and satisfaction when you take on transformation as a way of life. So, choose your context and constantly be reinventing yourself through transformation. It is a way of being that is full of possibility and the unknown. Practice it so you can support your clients to do the same.

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