Use of AC Intellectual Properties & Materials

The materials, tools, distinctions and concepts delivered as part of the Coaches Training Program are the Intellectual Property of Accomplishment Coaching. All participants and graduates of the Coaches Training Program are welcome to use these materials in perpetuity.


The following guidelines for use of these materials are intended to protect the integrity, power and potential impact for all Accomplishment Coaching coaches and affiliates, now and into the future:

  1. The simplest and clearest guideline that coaches can use to inform their actions in this regard is to endeavor to use the materials only when there is a written agreement for coaching in place that discusses the Intellectual Property rights of the materials (e.g. in a one-on-one coaching or group coaching relationship). Note that the contract provided by the Accomplishment Coaching back office includes a clause of this nature.
  2. In an initial complimentary session (e.g. the Essence Conversation) where it may not be possible to obtain a written agreement, it is requested that a verbal agreement regarding Intellectual Property be obtained. This may include language that advises that you have specific training and permission to use the materials you will be using with them.
  3. Use of Written Materials: It is not recommended to distribute the written materials or electronic versions of the materials. On occasion, printed materials may be distributed to coaching clients where there is a written agreement in place which includes a clause that prohibits their further distribution and use.
  4. Reproduction or publishing of logos or materials using appropriate trademarks and attributions may be permitted if written permission is first obtained from Accomplishment Coaching. You may request this permission by emailing your proposed use of the materials to: [email protected]
  5. Only members of an Accomplishment Coaching leadership team (Mentor Coaches, Leaders-In –Training, Leaders) are permitted to use the materials to perform “training” of coaches or other individuals when performing training for Accomplishment Coaching.
  6. Where no written or verbal agreement regarding Intellectual Property exists, coaches are advised to create an experience for people without specific use of the tools, distinctions and concepts. Remember that it is your Being as a coach that will provide the most value.

For example: Rather than using the word “Essence” – a coach might ask: “What do you see as the highest and best qualities of the people in your life or work? The qualities they were born with? What would shift if you related to people as that?” Scenarios where this might be appropriate could include things such as: Workshops, Blog posts, Articles, “Brown Bag” talks, Speaking engagements, Newsletters, Raffle prizes, Sponsorships, Presentations, Proposals,   dates / parties.

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